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I need help please choosing a sewing machine

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  • I need help please choosing a sewing machine

    Hi I am looking to buy a new sewing machine. This purely for love of grandchildren things I make and general craft, certainly not for business. I don't have a big budget, max would have to be £300. I am looking to do some machine quilting so I like the idea of finding one with various stitches which I would like to include, buttonholes, blanket stitch and obviously zig zag. These are just the basics I would like plus more but not 100s as I wouldn't use them.
    Are there any machines you would recommend in my budget, do you only suggest new and what are your opinions on computerized machines.. more to go wrong??

    Thank you so much for any help offered

    I live near Leeds so I can get to major stores etc if needed.

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    There are some nice Singers that will do that, in your budget.

    I always advise you go visit the shop and have a try on them to see what suits you best. If there is a Singer shop near you, well worth a visit - the lady who works in my local one has been there for donkeys and is super helpful.

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      I still own my very first singer machine ( bought in the 1980's) it still works a bit ! (button holes). I havent replaced it because I now have an old singer industrial machine living in my dining room.

      The smaller one cost me a £600 loan way back when, but was well worth it. It did a few fancy stitches, but most I never used.

      Look for a robust machinie case ( not too light or plasticy), easy buttonholer, a good sound when stitching ( not plastic or tinny) and unless you want embroidery/computer facility, leave well alone . ( buy another machine to do all the fancy stuff).

      try it out in a shop and then look around the net for the same model, most do next day delivery these days.

      good hunting
      If you dont have a go ................... you will never know


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        Mine's a Janome and it's brilliant. I have quite an advanced model with tons of stitch combinations but for your budget they still do one for all your needs.
        You are best to go to a spe******t sewing shop and they will do demonstrations of a variety of machines so you can see exactly what each does.
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          I have my grandmothers Singer one of the first portable electric sewing machines they made. It's great for my patchwork pieces but I use my Toyota with it flat bed extension table for putting the patchwork together and quilting. I used an internet sewing machine supplier and it was less than £300 an is designed for quilters. Can't tell you the model as I'm away from home at the moment but I'll take a look online and see if I can find it for you. It's a very nice machine and has been very reliable.The flat bed is great for large items.


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            The company I used is Coopers Sewing Machines. and my machine is like the Toyota Quilt 50 on the site. Good luck


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              Thanks everyone these have been useful comments. I will still use my everyday machine but I would like to branch out a bit but not worth spending tons as it will just be for my use for family, grandbabies etc. I have been looking online at a Brother innov 50, £345, but I will find a store to go try machines out first before I buy. I have looked at Coopers for supply.
              Once again all thanks so much


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                Well I went to a shop today and tried out this one it was fantastic to use but not quite all I wanted so I have decided to save a little longer and go for this one Hopefully I will find a good price but apart from ex demo they are all the same. If they take a trade in I do have my old machine