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Where do you buy your fabric?

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  • Where do you buy your fabric?

    Are you a market person, do you have a store you visit or do you order online? I love trawling the markets to find some different fabrics - only problem with this is i find a fabric i love, use it all and can never find it again!!
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  • #2 is a good one but beware - you will spend lots of money there!! I use lots of vintage fabrics - I like recycling and re-using - so I go to charity shops, auctions and car boot sales.
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      buying fabric

      Trying the online fabric shop named as Tissu fabrics at for buying fabric is worth. They have good quality fabric at low price.


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        I must say that I much prefer to buy in person as I like to feel the quality - they must hate me in shops as I buy with my hands as much as my eyes!

        I'm lucky here as there are places close by, and my current day job is above Samuel Taylors with all their lovely quilting fabrics (expensive lunch breaks!)

        When down in Oswestry earlier this year I visited Textile Express and was impressed with their stock so am tempted to try their online shop as the prices are good
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          Hansons in Sturminster Newton I could spend hours in this shop and online fireside fabrics and a lady in France who does the most exquisite pieces that will not be found over here, the latter is vintage so OOAK pieces.


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            I do like to try and recycle, so will pick up old curtains in charity shops and suchlike if I think I can make a nice frock them. Last year, however, when I was in Brighton for a weekend I found a great fabric shop called Ditto fabrics, and yey, they have an online store so I tend to order my new stuff from them. I also found a great fabric shop in Canterbury, but they don't have a website and seeing as I'm in the Midlands, I'm not going take a jaunt over to buy those. I just look out wherever I am for interesting fabrics, and love finding a fabric shop on daytrips or holidays. Everyone gets quite shocked when I say there's a complete lack of fabric choice in Coventry given we have Leicester and Birmingham both nearby.

            Actually, does anyone know of any good fabric shops in either (apart from fancy silk stores in Birmingham).
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              In London there is a display fabric wholesaler that has an excellent website. If you register you can obtain samples of the fabrics that could interest you. The company is B Brown Ltd and are at

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                I order most of mine online as I love to use unusual and imported fabrics. My basic stuff like plain cotton and interfacing etc I buy from the local fabric shop. I wish more brick and mortar shops would sell the fancy prints like Kokka and Michael Miller but even in London I can never find the range there is online.

                'Frumble' is a new online favourite of mine. They are relatively new but have a lovely range.

                And never underestimate Ikea for plain cottons and heavier curtainweight fabrics, they are so inexpensive and come in fantastic colours!
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                  I also check out charity shops for fabric, if you have the time to browse you can dig up some real treasures. Mostly my sewing projects are quite small scale, so if I'm only after fat quarters I use an ebay seller called Fancy Moon Fabrics, they have some really unusual prints - although they can be fairly pricey.


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                    I always had to buy mine online - all my local shops had quite dated fabrics. In an ideal world I suppose you would be able to touch and feel the fabrics before buying them, its hard to get an idea of scale from some photos.


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                      I used to think I was a victim as there were very few places around me but reading your posts I seem to be in a fortunate position as I have 5 outlets within a 7 mile radius where I can touch and feel all the fabric. Some good some not so good.
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                        eBaaaaaay! But always keep an eye out in charity shops for huge duvet sets / curtains / material to cut up and also car-boot sales for unwanted clothes with awesome prints to recycle/upcycle/rescue!! - Can you tell I'm a recycle nut?! :P
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                          Hi fabricland is a good online shop (although by the look of the site you wouldn't think so). I buy my basics there... They have shops by the south coast so when my husband goes to Basingstoke i always give him a list to save on postage...
                          I also go to John Lewis a lot. It is a bit more pricey but they have the Cath Kidston, Tanya Whelan, Amy Butler fabrics i love... and often have a bargain price you just have to be lucky...
                          Efabrics another online one which is good for cheap fabrics. They have a wide range...
                          For me the problem with online shopping is that often i don't know the name of the fabric so i would need to see it, but don't often get to go shopping so have to rely on photos... this is why i use the same fabrics i know...
                          I will be going to France at the end of the month and would like to check out fabric shops there... just curious...
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                            Lol, I agree about Fabricland .. I also use Fabric UK - they're really prompt at sending out samples and also have a wholesale service. For strange outdoor fabrics I use Pointnorth (otherwise known as profabrics on the web), or as I live in London I can also go to the Empee Silks warehouse in Edmonton - it's huge, but it's wholesale, so you have to buy more than 10m of each fabric. Or Epra fabrics in Brick Lane, London, or A-Z Fabrics in shepherds bush.

                            Hope that helps x

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                              I also recycle from Charity shops, I found a smashing long Purple velvet skirt that when undone at the seam made a beautiful top-cloth over my White one for my Table....for 50p (you can see the result in my last piccie in my Album...)