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  • Cable pattern help

    hi, can anyone help with a cable pattern.
    when decreasing on a cable row how do you keep the pattern going?
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    Not sure exactly how to explain this to you, but if you were cabling over 8 stitches, ie bring 4 to front, knit 4, then knit 4 from front needle (you still with me?) then when you got to the part where the decrease starts to knock into these 8 stitches, you just stop cabling them and knit them straight. Does that makes sense? Obviously it will look a little bit flatter around armholes or neckline but you can't really keep cabling when the decrease hits that point.
    Hopefully you get more replies and can make sense of it. Good luck.


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      Hi. I have to admit that it is hard to explain. If (as said above) you cable with say 8 stitches and they said decrease one stitch, which would affect the cable part (so you only had 7 stitches to cable with), then instead of eg putting the first four stitches to the back and knitting the next four along, you would still put the first four stitches to the back, but instead of knitting the next four, you would decrease the first you would knit the first two stitches together to make one stitch less and then knit the other two as normal now there is only seven stitches to the cable.

      If neither of these explanations make any sense, then the wool shop you bought the wool from, should have a person working in the shop with a good knowledge of knitting who can help you.

      Good luck.


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        hi tina,good to hear from you!
        i do understand what you r saying, i have done cable patterns years ago, but had for gotton how to decrease over cable.
        thanks for uour help.


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          hi eiledon, thank you very much for your help ! i am getting there now cheers to u both for answering my question .