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Right place for needle felting Qs?

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  • Right place for needle felting Qs?

    Hello. I’m new here so just finding my way around, and was wondering if this is the right place to post needle felting and wet felting questions? If so, can anyone recommend a good needle felting tutorial book (especially on making 3D animals) suitable for a beginner please? I’ve found a few but always prefer to go via recommendations. I prefer books rather than online tutorials, but if anyone has any useful links they would be appreciated too. Thanks.

    Also, I’ve just made my first project which was a needle felted toadstool pin cushion which I’m fairly happy with. I made it with the rubbish bits of Ryeland from my carding prior to spinning and it felted brilliantly, but it was just a plain cream colour. So I tried adding coloured roving (supposedly suitable for NFing) to it but it was really hard, as though it was too silky to NF on to the Ryeland. It took ages to get the fibres down. Was it my technique at fault or the wool?


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    Cosmic Grammie does a bit of needle felting and I am sure there are others who will be along shortly. Welcome to the forum, I can't answer as I know nothing about that subject but would love to see pics when you have finished.
    Look forward to chatting.
    God helps them that help themselves.