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I've been given a treasure bag of textile goodies!!

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  • I've been given a treasure bag of textile goodies!!

    Help me think of what I can do with them!?

    I have 3 bags packed with swede, leather and fabric samples. Mostly smaller pieces, but some about 5x7 inches.

    The fabric I can deal with, patchwork, embellishments etc. But can I sew leather/swede on a regular sewing machine? I know you can get leather needles and thread?

    I also have some fancy trims too, like tassels and round circle trims.

    I also prob have a bit too much than I know what to do with, so any local peeps wanting a rummage, feel free to shout to me for a goodie bag.

    X Krysia
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    Wow lucky you Krysia - sorry I have no idea with the leather and suede though.


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      You could make some little shoes with the leather and suede pieces. I love those sorts of pressies you lucky thing
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        ooo lil shoes! Nice idea!

        Just need to read up on the how-to's of sewing leather on my machine! Having currently injured something in the darn thing sewing a yummy mummy type change bag from Sew Hip a couple of months back for my sister.

        *Am on the internet after undoing all the screws on it, had some good er looking at it, now left it till hubby comes home!*

        Hubby works for a boat company who also befriends a designer type, lots of samples coming my way!! Lucky lucky me.
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          Isnt it a wonderful feeling rummaging through it all, seeing all the colours and patterns. Your imagination goes on a rampage doesn't it. I am so pleased for you.
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            Ooh lucky you. I am so jealous, want to try and make some leather jewellery but can't find a supplier of offcuts.


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              Ohhhh cool!
              Right sewing leather will be fine as long as it is the soft type and not the cardboardy type. You do need a leather needle-easy to get hold of (dunelm or wherever) and thread suitable for leather as well (I got mine from John Lewis) It was suggested to me using regular thread but running it over beeswax first but I couldn't be bothered so got some nylon stuff. Regular thread rots when in contact with leather. If the leather refuses to pass through your machine use either tissue/tracing paper top and bottom of your work or you can stick scotch tape top and bottom and on the underside of your presser foot (needs replacing every few seams) whichever you choose you need to remove it carefully else it ruins your neat stitching. Might be worth checking some online tutorials incase i've forgotten anything xx

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                ooo fanks ali. My sewing machine is dodo dead currently...shame else I'd get crafting. Time to find a repair shop for my tired machine (

                If anyone wants any, I do have lots of bits. Some softer bits, some harder more croc like but not. And lots of fabric squares. There probably is much more than I can sprinkle around my lounge with. I also have some silk sample books too. Some lush colours in there.
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