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  • Mary Queen of shops

    I watched this programme for the firts time last night and really enjoyed it(typical it was the last in series)
    It really made me want to get back into sewing, oh to have my own boutique full of anything that Ive made, clothes or jewellery, either...doesnt bother me, just so long as its gooorgeous.
    I found it really encouraging.

    I was actually intrigued by Grazia magazine, may start buying that as they descibe themselves as aiming at no age range and being 'no'brow.My kind of mag I think.

    Anybody else watch this programme?Whadyathink?

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    I did, i've never seen it before either.
    I loved it. (Colourart did aswell, she posted last night!!)
    That kind of shop just makes me soooooo want to have one full of jewells!!
    I've never been a sewer (?) but when i watch stuff like that it really makes me want to have ago.
    Thought the lady who made the clothes was lovely,
    I sometimes read Grazia, it's quite good.


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      yeh i agree with you both. i make bags for a living and love designing. ive watched all the series and has been just as good. I feel inspired all the time. Infact last night i was looking at the display. It also inspired me to decorate my boring paper carrier bags this weekend. Well getting my children involved in that which they are really excited about! Its inspired me to think about getting a unit just for my bags!!!


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        Oooooh! see now that's another one i was desperate to see and missed! I think i would have loved it! I used to get grazia when it first came out and i did like it but i found everything they recommended was more than what your average joe could afford form home furnishings to clothes! I know they have rebranded so it might be different now....
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          I loved this show, I found it so inspiring, although like you seahorse I long to have my own shop full of beeeyootfiul things now, what a job that must be!