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Where to get good cross stitch patterns?

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  • Where to get good cross stitch patterns?


    I've just started my first cross stitch and am really getting into it.

    I've come across the odd uk website with patterns - as I'm new I think I would need a kit (unless anyone thinks otherwise!), and I would actually like something quite modern and perhaps kitsch.

    Any suggestions guys?

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    Probably ebay would be the best idea: you can pick up kits, charts etc quite cheaply - many are suitable for beginners. There are all sorts of designs

    Just put in beginner or starter in search under cross stitch kits. Just done this and there were 61 starter and 18 beginners kits listed
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      I like to do a bit of cross stitch in the evenins, I hate just sitting in front of the tv doing nothing!

      I have asked for a kit for christmas from a website I found called the kit I ma getting is this one with cupcakes on, it is very cute!

      Bothy Threads do some nice moderny cross stitch kits, I have also seen some little kits of different mr men and little misses for less than £5, I cant remember who makes them though


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        I can highly recommend this lady she is based in america but her postal charges are very reasonable and she refunds the difference if she overcharges the postage. Deliveries from her have been super quick too. She is a really lovely lady she has been so kind to me helping to promote my etsy shop after I broke my arm and even sent a get well card! Things have been quite tough for her lately but is always upbeat and positive
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          Thanks guys I'll look into those.

          Very helpful

          Lilly x
          Website: Tea Stained Jewellery. Cute, kitsch and unique.