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Fruit drying.

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  • Fruit drying.

    Does any one know the best way to dry fruits...whole and sliced..

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    Yes - get a food dehydrator from Westfalia! They're brilliant...

    Or put 'em in a fan-oven on a rack at a superlow setting.

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      I've dried sliced oranges in a oven but was a bit his and miss till I got the hang of it (lots of very dead looking fruit!).
      I now take them to my Mum's as she has a fancy fan oven and it has a really low heat setting lol


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        i'd no idea..i haven't try it before
        who else want to know how to care troll beads ?


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          Thank you.

          Thanks trying the oven at the min...Will let you how i get on.


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            smells wonderful when you heat them in the oven.

            There is apowder called oris root powder and it's what you put onto oranges with cloved to dry them out with our them going mouldy.
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              Tryed the oranges slices they turned out ok but the whole orange with the slices in it didnt dry out so well. .....will try and get this powder that you are talking about see if that works.


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                My thin orange and lime slices look pretty good...the lemon slices are okay...I tried drying an apple "head" and a pear "head" but they got soft. Maybe I did not keep at it long enough.

                My apple slices looked really fabulous, and then the other day, as I was sorting everything out, I noticed some mold...just great.

                I dried all these in the oven on low, with the door ajar, for about 36 hours.
                Probably not an economically sound way to do it!

                I have not heard of using orris root powder to dry things.

                Borax residue on the dried items ( covered in borax powder) attracted too much moisture from the air...made them soft again. So did residue from the silica gel. Also silica gel has it's risks.

                My flower petals dried the best in brown paper sacks in east windows! Turned out really well - good color retention. No residue of anything...a good way to dry even apple heads, I have heard.

                I had one browser say something to the effect that my dried fruit slices were just not right when there are people starving in the world....