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    best thing ever for denim is an old treadle. I have 2 machines an electric brother for general sewing but any thing thick goes through my treadle.
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      i have an old paff semi industral that works well on thicker stuff xx

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        I have a brother machine but i usually use just special denim needles or leather for it when sewing thicker fabric-silly question I know, but have you changed the types of needles? Can't help with the noise i'm afraid, I think mine has a mouse in it now- it keeps squeeking!!! keep me updated if you do get a certai type of machine
        Dee x
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          can you explain why it is "useless"?? - some don't have very good adjustment for the presser/feeder.. and thick (and sometimes very delicate) fabrics mis feed as a result.. also as someone else mentioned, try specific denim/leather needles too!


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            I have a 23 year old Jones machine that sews denim brilliantly, but is very basic. When I tried to upgrade, the modern machines are too lightweight and don't seem to have the motor power or weight to cope well with thicker fabrics. I ended up spending £600 to get a machine that can cope with it (Janome 4900). As said above, you may be better off with an older machine.
            Cathy xx
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