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re- lining a suitcase

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  • re- lining a suitcase

    I have aquired an old one(paddington bear style) and have just found some lovely fabric to reline the inside as its a bit grotty, but I want to do a really good job because im going to store all my baby cards in so its very special to me.

    Please can you give me some advice as to how to put the fabric in and what type of adhesive I would need?
    Do I cut the fabric into sections ?

    Because its a light fabric and the inside of case is Orange do i need to put something in before?

    I really haven't got a clue but would really appreciate your help and advice



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    Hi There,

    Does the suitcase have an existing lining that you could take out and use as a pattern?

    Another thing you might like to consider doing is using an iron-on interfacing to stiffen your fabric and this would make it easier to stick inside the suitcase and would reduce the likelihood of the orange colour showing through. As for the kind of adhesive to use, you can buy one a spray fabric adhesive from Dunelm Mill which should do the trick especially if you use an interfacing.

    I hope this helps.

    Good Luck,


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