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  • Can anyone tell me...

    Hi all,

    As you probably know my "thing" is cardmaking although I also do a bit of arcrylic and watercolour painting, sketching and drawing and some latch hook work and crochet work.

    Anyways, I've now decided that I'd like to do some fabric work and have been given a sewing machine by a friend who was getting rid of theirs... at the moment I'm just looking at trying some small items and quite fancy trying out some patchwork so I was wondering where the best place to get small pre-cut squares of fabric is? I'm guessing that Ebay would be a good start but what should I search for?

    Does anyone have any hints and tips for someone who hasn't really done any fabric work since school?

    Thanks in advance

    Laura xxx

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    I dont know much about sewing but I think the fabrics are called "Fat Quarters" althought I could be
    I did a quick search on google and it came up with quilting fabrics.


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      Hi Fluffy,

      I'll PM you later with some suggestions for starting out!

      Best Regards


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        E-bay is where I buy most of my fabric,and the American sellers have the best selections. You can just put in Quilting fabric and Crafts and you off and serching. I don't buy precuts very much unless it's a really good deal. I made a template out of card and I have a rottery cutter. That way you can cut more than one layer at a time and they all come out the same size which is very importent when doing patchwork. I do have some shops on e-bay that I use more than others if you want there names let me know.

        Good luck and if I can help PM me anything
        Shabby Neesey


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          I think you're looking for charm squares which are pre-cut 5" squares of fabric. Fat quarters (FQ) are a quarter of a metre (UK sites probably sell these in metric which is bigger than the imperial equivalent). The thing about FQ's though is that it's a half metre of fabric which is cut half way across the width of a fabric bolt. So, it's approxmately 55cm wide by 50cm long.

          Sewing together charm squares is a great way to start - it gets around the cutting out!

          Once you've had some fun with the fabric squares how about trying a strip quilt/log cabin type design. ? Patchwork is dangerously addictive you know