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  • Sourcing Fur/Fleece

    As a result of having two children, my home is now infested with 'cuddlies'.

    The skin of each new cuddly is softer, shinier, warmer, and more endearing than its predecessor.

    My favourite jumper is going to fall apart soon, and the shops have nothing remotely similar: it appears to be made from some breed of Teddy-bear skin.

    I've looked everywhere in town, and the fabric shops all tell me they don't know where it all comes from. I was just going to plan a bear hunting and skinning expedition, when this forum sprang to mind...

    Where are all the cuddly-makers getting their skins from?

    I got excited when I found FurFab on-line, only to discover they're trade only; eBay just seem to have scraps of poorly described stuff that's too dubious to gamble on and the best I've had from fabric shops is "go to the London Markets". London is too far for a jumper when I'm surrounded by potential jumper-fodder...

    The only site of any value google gets me is which has a tiny choice.

    My children would be very grateful to anyone who can tell me somewhere with a decent choice of fur/fleece material!

    Thanks in advance
    If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!

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    I would have said Abers as thier bricks and mortar shops are fab. You could always ring them and ask if they have anything like what you want. Aclose up pick and contents off fabric might help in searching.
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      I'd also be interested in this - seems to be loads of fabulous fleeces in the US, but very poor choices over here
      Cathy xx
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        we have a local abakhan and they are great, they have a few bits in there, but its very hard very fabic, i would only ever buy stuff i have touched as phots and words cant ever fully describe what it feel like to me xx

        try a free graze box use code 5THR7LB


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          I'm not sure buut I think Abers do a sample service.
          "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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            Hi just thought id post a few links i found a while back for fur fabrics i think a couple are wholesalers though.


            sorry it wouldnt let me add the links as im new


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              Well this is so great and have we talked about all the fluf that gets everywhere with fake fur!!
              I have fluff all over the place even though i vacuumed when I cut and shook outside before I pinned! I'm looking at it now all over the computer monitor, printer oh everywhere!!
              But the jacket looks lovely! I'm hoping my sister likes it!
              I got my fake fur from Abercan in Liverpool. Sometimes they have lots of lovely choices and then others it's oh dear!!
              I love and hate fur for the same reason, you can't see exactly what your doing...but big plus minor mistakes can't be seen either...Yeah!
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                These look like possibilities



                plush fabrics
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                  Aha, they look promising (although they're a bit secretive about how washable things are - nothing a phone call can't cure), thanks
                  If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!



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                    Fleece and Fur

                    i am able to supply fleece and fur fabrics. what colours and amounts are you looking for exactly? small orders are fine :-)



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                      I'd also recommend visiting an abakhan store if you can get to one. It's well worth going out of your way!

                      The only trouble is, I can't leave the bargains on the shelves. No idea what I'm gonna do with it, but have to have it anyway. I always come away with a lot more than I went for. But sometimes, I've had metres and metres of stuff for just pennies.
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                        Hi, have you tried a website called planet fleece? It is based in England.
                        it's not the cheapest of places but it the fabric is good quality and they have a good range of prints etc.
                        Worth a try, sorry I can't remember the excat address I think it's but I'm sure you could find it through google.
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                          Sourcing Fur/Fleece

                          I still have over a day to wait to see if I have got it, but its a Dorset Poll x Charolais Sheep fleece. That doesnt mean much to me , but they said it was suitable for spinning. Very exciting
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