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Displaying things at a craft fair..

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  • Displaying things at a craft fair..

    I (think) I've plucked up the courage to do my first craft fair.... it's just a small one but I'd like to have a good go at it, so far I'm going to have;

    Yoga Mat Bags
    Yoga Eye Pillows
    Gift Wrap Bags
    Childrens aprons
    Peg bags
    Christmas stockings
    some small decoration type things

    any extra ideas?!

    [I've put some photos in my album... critique welcome...!]

    some of the things (yoga bag & gift wrap bag) are quite big, what's the best way to display them?

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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    Not sure how qualified I am to give advice - still new to it all myself! But the best bit of advice I had was to set up your stall at home first, take some photos, play around with it. You'll soon see how to display things to their best advantage.

    Good luck with the fair - I'm thoroughly enjoying them! Don't sell much but it gets me away from the kids and OH for a day and you meet some lovely people

    PS your stuff looks great by the way!
    Cathy xx
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      They sound good. You could display two or three colours of each product, and have a sign out saying please ask to see more designs/colours.
      You could get a coat stand or a drying rack to hang your things on
      MISI -


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        I've never done a craft fair but I've been a buyer at loads! Could you have a yoga mat in one of the yoga bags? Remember to put a note up to say the mat ISN'T included in the price!

        Your stuff is nice and bright, Good Luck!!



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          Thanks guys!

          I'm on the case!