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Sewing sticky fabric!

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  • Sewing sticky fabric!

    Another question...!

    I have some wipe-clean table cloth fabric (can't think what it's called) which I want to make into children's aprons.

    I've tried hemming it using my machine but because the material is almost sticky (on both sides as I've folded it into a hem) it won't pass through the feed and presser foot.

    Any ideas to overcome this?

    The only think I can think of is to sew it between two pieces of tracing paper and tear it off afterwards...!

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    I know what you mean, either use an anti static pad, which is used by rubber stampers, or use good old stitch n tear, top and bottom. Sew the hems etc then tear off. I use this for most problem fabrics and never fails.


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      Not sure how you are designing your aprons so this may not be appropriate but what about edging them with bias binding instead? That way you wouldn't even have to fold the edge over. I have done this when making oilcloth bibs before.
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        you can get a teflon foot for the sewing machine this helps feed the material through without sticking
        while i knit i think


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          I am so glad this question came up. Another problem sewing that material is that your needle gets gunged up, and the cotton. Would any of these methods help that? I am making a pouf out of similar material thats why I ask.
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            Thank you very much for all your ideas!!!


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              If I'm sewing oilcloth I put masking tape on the bottom of my foot, it then sews easily!! No sticking at all!

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                Hi Guys,

                You might be able get a roller foot for your machine - I use a Janome and I managed to get one for about £9. I used it when making bags out of oilcloth fabric and it was much easier than the tracing paper idea (I tried that too). I find the foot is great when using bulkier fabrics too like leather or fake fur.

                Not sure about the problem with needles getting gunged up though - this didn't happen to me.



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                  I'd try sewing through paper or paper tape/masking tape. Don't know that there's anything you could do about the needle blocking that won't damamge the thread though.