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I'm going back to bags!

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  • I'm going back to bags!

    Right, the jewellery selling is very slow at the moment, not sure if its the credit crunch or what, but its definitely affecting me.
    Lets face it, jewellery is a luxury!

    So I've thought about making tote bags again so I have something to do in the mean time.
    When I did make them before, they sold well, but with the cost of the fabric and the time they took, i wasn't really making a profit.

    So my question is does anyone know any good fabric suppliers, of cheap heavyweight fabric, with nice patterns?
    I want heavyweight so i don't have to put lining in the bags. I was looking at ikea because I've bought fabric from there before, but the patterns are so big.

    Thanks in advance
    Sarah x

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    I scout round curtain shops for offcuts of good, heavierweight fabrics. You can often pick up some lovely jacquards and chenilles, but the heavier ones tend to be worst for fraying so either need intensive finishing or lining! Good luck with it!
    Cathy xx
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      Yeah ok, thanks for the advice!
      Sarah x

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        Originally posted by Muddle Jewellery View Post
        When I did make them before, they sold well, but with the cost of the fabric and the time they took, i wasn't really making a profit.
        Do any of us crafty people make a profit when you add up all the time we spend making our little gems.
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          I made some bags from ikea material but I moved the main body of the bag around to get the pattern on it as much as possible. Does that make sense? I can't show the bags because I sold them. I tried to download the picture but I can't do it!! I used the bright pink blobby print one and the pattern was mostly on the edges so it sort of over lapped in to the bag ()

          I've got a fabric world nearby and buy their curtain material, some of it's funkier than ikea! 100% cotton and machine washable

          Anyhow, the good news is they were REALLY popular on our playground! I put in a small pocket inside for keys, lippy and phone, no lining and sell um for £4. (I used a cotton sheet from a jumble sale to make pockets - 20p bargain)

          Welcome back to bags!!


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            Check out charity shops for curtains some bargains out there.
            Get the added bonus of the recycling angle when selling them.
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              Bags and fabric

              I think I'd try curtain shops for off-cuts - certainly for end of rolls and general off-cuts my local shop sells really cheaply. Certainly comparable to Ikea. Then there's the recycled angle - buying from charity shops, car boot sales etc as already mentioned. But you could buy ready made tote/shopping bags like the ones you can buy in supermarkets for not a lot to avoid using plastic bags and you could add pockets and other more artistic flourishes. Stitch colourful fabric patches to the outside? You'd probably be able to sell them at enough to making a not unreasonable profit? I don't think I'm talking rubbish - I been helping a local shop/friend sort out recycled bags for them to use. It was quite an adventure!

              Best wishes



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                Have you though of trying freecycle?

                I have a load of brilliant off cuts and thick old curtains from my local ones! Its recycling too, so even better!
                With love



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                  How about Dunelm fr cheap offcuts and fabrics. I noticed today in hobbycraft they are promoting 99p plain tote bags ready for decoration


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                    Wow thanks for all the replies.

                    If funny buying tote bags was mentioned, because I was thinking about that too - great minds think alike!!

                    I have a lot to think about and look into now.

                    I don't wanna jump in and then end up regretting it, as I do have fads and get bored easily, I suppose thats the creative person in me... I'm sure we all feel the same sometimes.

                    Thanks again
                    Sarah x

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                      I get my bag fabric from all over the place ... you could try ebay . I got some lovely ikea fabric the other day , i buy vintage fabric as well !!
                      Any good curtain fabric shop usually has a off cuts or ex display bin !

                      good luck with the fabric hunt and enjoy your bag making
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                        I get my fabric from a company called Freelance Fabrics, I know there is one in Kidlington, Oxford. They have a remnant box of odd lengths at £2.00 pm often upholstery weight. It may be worth a google to see if you can find one nearer to you.


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                          How strange, in June I started making shopping bags as well to go with my jewellery. I have already sold 5 of them.
                          I bought a lot of fabric from
                          They haven't got much listed at the moment but they are listing every week. Postage was about £7 for 8 or 9 pieces.
                          The patterns are quite big, some of them have flowers are 14 inches across but others are more of an all-over print. They are lovely thick fabrics though and very modern looking.
                          I have an overlocker so I neaten the edges with that. You could do a french seam though which will hide the edges. I make a flat bag and then sew diagonally across the corners to make a gusset. Through trial and error I have found that the gusset needs to be at least 7inches (18cm) or more or you will not be able to get much more than a box of cereal in them.
                          Instead of trying to sew through 5 thickness's for the handles I bought some 25mm webbing from here
                 as long as you seal the cut edges with a flame it's perfect.

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                            Thanks for that.
                            Yeah I was thinking about getting webbing too, as I used to make the handles before and they were a pain.
                            Sarah x

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                              Try this

                              quite cheap, i went crazy and bought lotsa fabric for my bags!!!Oooops!!!

                              Dee x
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