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Fabric with technical information!!! HELP

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  • Fabric with technical information!!! HELP

    Hi everyone,

    I am in a bit of trouble in here. I am making cushions for kids and need to keep technical file with information about materials I use.
    I managed to get technical file from my Felt Supplier, but it is so difficult to get information about cotton and other fabrics!!!
    All shops keep saying that they do not get such information from their suppliers and they cannot help me!
    Does anyone know place that I can get fabric and information about it?
    My trading standard offices have told me that if someone cannot get me the information I should not do the business with them! SIMPLE TO SAY!!!
    I don't know what am I supposed to do.

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    I agree with Trading Standards, but that's easy to say. Have you explained to the shops that you run a business and that you must legally have the information, and so should they!! They can go back to the supplier and ask for the information because the supplier will have it. I worked for a fabric supplier and was always able to get information about fabric composition, I kept the information on every fabric we stocked. Also, if you're buying from high street shops do they not have the info on a swing ticket or printed onto the selvedge, you've probably already looked there but just thought I'd mention it.

    There are tests you can pay for which will give you fabric composition details but they will be expensive. Sorry I can't be more helpful, perhaps someone else will come along with more ideas for you.


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      Thanks so much! Yest I have spoken to suppliers and one will search for the info for me. And I also have found a place that stocks up only fabrics for kids and they all have been produced in the UK so finding the manufacturer will be easy.UFFFF!!!
      I was really getting stressed in here.
      Thaks again!


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        By 'technical info' wasn't exactly sure what you needed but googled alsorts of fabric info....hundreds of sites giving every bit of technical info you could possible require....just didn't know exactly what you required so no links here
        Good luck
        Suz new for 2012 2009-2011