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Anyone bought one of Betz White's books?

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  • Anyone bought one of Betz White's books?

    I really, really want to make some cupcake pincushions, and although there are some free patterns on the internet the ones I like best are the Betz White ones. So I have decided to buy one of her books so I can find out how to make them.

    But which one?

    There are 2 - the latest one called "Warm Fuzzies" definitely has them in, but they are made out of old wool sweaters felted in the machine - ??? Where do I get cheap wool sweaters from in the colours I want?! The older book, called "Felt so Good" also appears to have the cupcakes in, and hopefully they will be made out of something other than felted sweaters! But the warm fuzzies book looks nicer! With a price tag to match!

    I am hoping that some of you may have one of these books and can tell me which one is best to get! Or at least tell me if it is worth the money and whether it is possible to adapt the project so that I wouldnt have to have wool sweaters!

    Im keeping my fingers crossed that you clever people can help me!

    Claire x

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    betz's books are great, but 'warm fuzzies' and 'felt so good' are actually the same book. warm fuzzies is the US version, and felt so good is the UK version, inside they are the same.

    i went for warm fuzzies as i thought the front cover was nicer.
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      Ahhhh I see. Actually, I was just looking at them again and got a bit confused when I realised the felt so good was published after warm fuzzies. Now I know why!

      I think the Warm Fuzzies one looks nicer too! But it is nearly double the price?!

      Just wondering, where do you get your wool sweaters from?


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        I think your best bet for sweaters are the local charity shops or carboots or jumble sales if there are any near you.
        If the sweaters are felted before the cupcakes are made you could probably use ordinary felt or fleece.
        The main thing is about the content of the books, not the looks. Unless you just want a coffee table book that looks good I would go for the cheapest.

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          Im not sure about the books but jumpers would be easy to source! Charity shops are always great for things like that and you could even ask if they have any that have been thrown out because they've been accidenty felted in the wash! Then theyd be even cheaper, and if its cost your worried about, ready felted fabric wuold be more expensive than a second hand jumper! Or if its the quality your after have you thought about making your own felt? then you could have the colours you wanted (you can dye it whatever colour you liked) and your very own felted designs. Easy to do aswell, bit messy though!
          Hope that helps,


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            Thanks for the replies! Charity shop it is then!

            Although I managed to get a toy knitting machine for £2 on ebay last night, going to have a go at knitting my own stuff to felt too!

            C x


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              knitting stuff to felt could take ages!
              Have you ever tried wet felting?
              Its really fun and you can get really amazing results. Im not sure how easy it is to access sheeps wool but im sure you can get it from your local farm or on eBay!
              Im not quite sure how you were planning on making your pin cushions, 3d im guessing, but with wet felting you can make your own designs and patterns in the felt, then once its dried you can cut and sew like normal, so each of your cupcakes could be unique but something youve designed!
              And once youve made up a batch of felt im sure you'll have plenty to use for other projects.
              Its really messy to do, but quite fun!
              I googled 'wet felting' and it came up with quite a few sites to show you how to do it.
              I love cupcakes so i might even give it a go!!


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                Thanks Rudi

                I have had a go at wet felting, bit wasnt very pleased with the results, and it was very hard work lol! Might have just been the way I was doing it though! Its a good idea though, especially as all the cupcakes would be totally unique. Just off to look on ebay for some felting wool . . .

                Do you think it would take ages to knit enough with the knitting machine? I thought it would be quite quick once I got it set up?! Perhaps I am kidding myself! I dont know if you have seen the ones that Betz White makes, but they are REALLY cute, much nicer than others I have found on the internet. I think the knitted-ness of them kind of adds to their cuteness, otherwise I was thinking I could just buy some felt?

                If you would like a go at making them, I will email you the instructions once I get the book?

                Thanks for your help

                Claire x


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                  oooh ive just google them!
                  They look REALLLYY cute! I'll defianatley be making them!
                  They do look good with the differetn stictches and thicknesses though dont they! Id be tempted to make them with un felted jumpers casue the stitches used looks so cute!
                  But hand made felt is still a good idea too i think, i used to work for a lady who owned her own childrens wear business and she used to buy hand made felt from her local farm and make these really cute little flower brooches in much the same way, by wrapping the felt round, and then using fabric glue and a few stitches to keep them in place. They looked really cute!
                  Perhaps try lots of different techiniques, i always find it fun having a mess around and seeing which way works best.
                  Cant wait to see which way you go!