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  • Need your help please

    Right I am a complete beginner at that this so I need a little bit of help.

    I want to get myself a sewing machine to make things like the kids costumes, bunting for their room and some cushions.

    So I am looking for something that is suitable for a beginner but will also be ok as I get a bit more confident.

    I was looking at Janome 7025, from John Lewis

    What do you reckon,

    Thank you

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    It looks good. I don't know anything about Janome but it is a reputable make.
    I noticed it hasn't got a free arm. It is useful if you will be sewing small sleeves.
    I have a Toyota RS2000 and it is very good. Most of the new machines have a good range of stitches these days so a lot of makes will do the same as this one.
    See if you can have a demo in the shop or go to a sewing shop and try a few. Check how easy it is to change bobbins or re-thread and if possible get a demo of the buttonholes,they are different on each machine and some easier than others.



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      Thank you Melanie for your help.

      I will go into John Lewis and have a play and demos


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        Speaking from personal experience I'd say go on the scrounge! If you are new to it and you only need it for personal use then something really basic will suffice. Do you have a Freecycle group where you are? It might be worth putting a wanted on there.

        I've never bought a sewing machine! My first one was my mothers old black cast iron singer with a "turny" handle, my second was my Nana's old singer from the 60's (which was great until it got damp in our leaky loft) and then my current Bernina (also pretty ancient but bloomin' brilliant) which was given to me by the wife of one of my husband's colleagues! I was hoping to get another one (Toyota) via Freecycle this week (as a spare) but I was too late and someone else got in first!
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