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  • Basic essentials advice please

    Hello, blimey I don't often venture onto this particular section as the last bit of sewing I did was material to fingers during a home ec class 20 years ago.

    Anyway, I'm after a bit of advice from all you needlecraft types out there. I'm having a small (with the emphasis on small) haberdashery section in my shop as a number of the local ladies do sewing.

    However I'm pulling my hair out going through my catalogue - there's just so much choice so what would you say are the bare essentials I should stock? For example I was looking at zips - which would be the best length and colours to have? Any sized needles most popular? Even choosing pins is not easy - there's about 10 different types of pin! With the sewing thread I'm going with the basics plus all the colours of the local school uniforms so I'm patting myself on the back for making one decision but desperately need HELP on everything else please please please.
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    Here are a few things that I would find useful.
    Sewing machine needles - Basic ones plus maybe a selection pack of ballpoint and jeans ones.
    Machine bobbins - plastic universal.
    stitch ripper.
    Fabric shears and embroidery scissors.
    Sewing needles small assorted packs and larger embroidery/darning.
    sew on velcro.
    needle threaders.
    bias binding - black,white cream, navy.
    selection of ribbon & bows.
    selection of buttons.
    as for zips I would say skirt and dress sizes, in navy, black, cream and maybe white.
    Hope this helps.