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  • Few questions!

    Hi Everyone

    Am wanting to make some aprons for children (fabric rather than wipe clean ones) BUT what kind of material would I use for them? And also what about sizes - are there any patterns you can buy to get the sizes right. Sorry probably really silly questions but I am a beginner!


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    Hi Hannah,
    I make lots of aprons for children and I like to use nice cheerful, good quality cottons when I am making them to sell but I have made some lovely ones in poly cotton ginghams for my own children. The weight of the fabric rather depends on whether you are making them single sided or double sided.
    As for patterns, I make my own but there are lots of apron patterns you can buy. However, I would search the net for a free downloadable pattern first - might save you a few quid!

    Hope that helps & good luck!
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      Hi Nat

      Thanks ever so much for the reply, I was originally thinking of making them one sided but which way would you suggest? Have been ordering some free swatches off some websites in the hope I find a nice material. The local fent shop is a nightmare as my double buggy doesnt fit in so I am having to attempt to choose fabric off the internet which isnt easy!

      Will have a look about the net for a free pattern, thanks for the tip!

      Ooh would love to see a pic of one of your aprons if you have any pics?