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    Hiya, my name is Sonya and I have just started a scrapbook. I'm looking for some advice and ideas on what to do with washi tape if anyone can help?

    Thanks in advance x

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    Don't know about scrap booking apart from decorating with strips of it but on Pinterest there is everything from cards to covering clothes pegs and pumpkins with it.



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      Hi Sonya and welcome to the forum...

      What can you do with washi tape? This stuff is so versatile there are already a number of books written on the topic

      For scrapbooking you can use it as tape to adhere things to your page, to make borders or accents, you can cover card (or almost any craft item you can think of) and add it to your page. It is a nice way to add diagonal accents, you can wrap it around flower stems, you can lay a few strips down behind or over a page element to add depth or can do pretty much anything you like with it.

      I use loads of the stuff in a variety of my experience it pays to secure the ends in some way...I often take them behind the panel/element and make sure they are stuck firmly. By the nature of the tape it lifts easily which also makes it great to use as a mask on your projects. You can cover card with washi and then punch or die cut the covered card. Washi can help to design unique elements specifically to match your project. Play around with'll soon figure out how to make it work for your style.


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        Thank you, that's really helpful. I have been making cards for years and it's only since I statred my scrapbook that I heard about to so felt I had to get some

        Thanks again


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          to the forum
          Lucy Blossom
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            Watch out...its addictive stuff


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              I got into washi tape early last year and find a lot of creative ideas for it on Pinterest. I also use it in my mixed media art journal.


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                This thread is 2 years old and the OP hasn't posted since then.