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  • General Enquiry about Scrapbooking

    Hello there,

    Could someone tell me what all is involved in Scrapbooking?

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    Can someone tell me what all is involved in Scrapbooking?
    Your question is really open so I'm not sure exactly what you want to know ... Scrapbooking is a creative way to preserve memories of occasions or life events in a decorated album using card,paper, photos, ephemera and embellishments around photos and journalling... Scrapbooks are usually 12x12 or 8x8 standard sizes ring or post bound and with page protectors. Each page design is known as a layout, often has a title and people vary in the way they choose to start...

    Basically once you have an idea of the theme or topic of your scrapbook (a life event, holiday, wedding, baby etc) you start with a blank page and add layers and elements to suit the theme/photos. There are lots of design sketches you can use as a starting point.

    It can be daunting to have a big empty 12x12 page and I find progressive scrapping is a great way to start... that is basically a process whereby you start with a photo and a piece of card 6x6... once you have this part as you want it, you 'grow it' onto an A4 piece of card... and then you add the completed A4 design onto a 12x12 and add your final design elements.

    Scrapbooking is fun and addictive but there are lots of ways you can adapt the basic processes to suit your needs and ideas. It can be as involved or not as you choose and can involve lots of different processes...stamping, embossing, drawing, journalling, punching, stitching etc You can make the embellishments yourself or can buy them ready made. Journalling can be visible or hidden (pockets, tags, etc)

    If you have specific questions ask away and someone will be along with an answer before you know it.


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      The information you have given me is very helpful, thank you.


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        Scrapbooking is simply taking a photgraph/picture and sticking it onto a 'page' and making it look pretty. You can 'theme' the page, by adding pretty scrapbooking papers and embelishments to enhance your photo. e.g. seaside, you could stick shells on etc.

        Hope this helps! If you google scrapbooking and click on 'images' it gives loads of ideas!!

        curvyteach x


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          Scrap booking can be really fun but I think it takes a lot of resources to look beautiful.

          Very good for storing memories though.