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Scrapbook that I can add too?

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  • Scrapbook that I can add too?

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am looking for a scrapbook that I can add pages too. I have looked on line but dont think I am looking for the right thing. Can you suggest anything please? Many Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum... scrapbooks come with a certain number of pages and you can buy extras and add them in. With certain types you may need you buy expansion posts in order to do this, especially if you make heavily embellished pages. Are you looking for something specific?


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      there are so many different types
      1. D rings
      2. Post bound scrapbooks

      I dont have the D rings one but I have three of the post ones... you can buy the extension for the posts and get extra pages to add it. I have 8 x 8 album and two 12 x 12 albums
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        i think you have to make it your self ... you can find helpful ideas on youtube and
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          Depending on what you are using it for - have you thought of making concertina /accordion books?

          There are loads of How Tos available, e.g.

          It is really easy to add new pieces to them.
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            I keep a scrapbook of sorts (more photographs, writing and postcards) and just buy new ones when its filled instead of adding pages.

            However my guess is you'd want a ringbinder one- or you could get a lever arch folder and add paper to it?


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              This thread is over 6 years old expect they have sorted it out by now LOL !!

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