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    I very new to crafts and a bit useless to tell the truth. Can anyone tell me how to nicely bind a series of pages? I'm not sure what the usual way is for a scrapbook.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi Khevlan,
    Is it a stack of single sheets? If so I'd recommend the Japanese side-binding technique. It can be made quite decorative too.

    If it's a stack of folded sheets, then you need to nestle them into groups (signatures) and sew them (possibly over ribbons- for stablility). It's abit more complicated.

    Email me if you want more info. I have some diagrams I drew for the sidebinding technique, which may be useful. They're on another pc though, but I could dig them out.
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      If you do a google search for book binding you will find plenty of sites that will show you some techniques. Try searching on craftster - there will be some tutorials on there.
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        I have just got a bind-it-all which is a great little machine for binding all sorts of things, here's a link:

        If you need any info just give me a shout
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          I really enjoy scrapbooking. What I use is a sketchpad which is already binded. In your case, I think you could use silver rings which you can buy in your supply store. You could just simply cut holes on the side of the pages and you could still add more pages along the way. You could choose from small and big rings, depends on what you want.
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            Another simple idea for putting your scrap pages together is put them in a 12" x 12" (or 8" x 8" or even a 8" x 11")scrapbooking album. They can be picked up pretty cheaply these days and as long as it is acid free then your photos will be safe and sound!!!
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