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    I dont have a cricut myself but I do have a slice which I love. I also have a bigshot. I would look both up on the net to see any differences in what they do to help you make your mind up. I find the fact that the slice does different sizes very helpful and you can put the shape whereever you want it on a page, I dont know if the cricut does that or not.
    The new cards with different designs are quite pricey but I suspect that is the same for the cricut and its worth checking out the costs for the replaceable bits of both ie the blades and adhesive that holds it down whilst it cuts. I would look at the different designs available for both too and this may help to make your mind up.
    I had my bigshot first but bought the slice cos with bigshot only cuts the one size. The slice only cuts one sheet at a time though and again I dont know if this is the case with the cricut.
    Good luck deciding, hopefully others may give you more help!

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    I have both.

    If I had to chose just one I'd have the Cricut - it offers more options in size, can be set up to just get on with what you want cutting etc - you can programme in a whole word and leave it to it! You can purchase Sure Cuts A Lot - a programme that lets you cut almost any TTF and dingbats etc

    The Slice is great if I want a quick tag, letter or if I want somethign cutting in the middle of a page for some reason. It does need you to hold it still while it cuts.

    Think you need to think about how you would use it most!


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      I bought a slice in the summer and I love it, but I am thinking of selling it now to get a cricut. My reasons are:

      The slice is quite new, so at the moment the cricut has a much bigger range of cartridges available

      The slice only cuts up to 4 inches - which sounds quite big but I have found for things like frames for scrapbooking I could do with them a bit bigger

      I like the fact that you can get a program for the cricut (not an official one though!) that lets you cut your own designs - I am selling my craft robo at the moment but I will miss this about it

      I will be sad to see my slice go though, it is a lovely little machine and so easy to use! The best thing for you to do is to think about what you actually want to be able to do with the machine you buy, and then check whether each one can do it.

      BTW, I was reading about the cricut the other day and saw that you can get a deeper cutting blade for it, which lets you cut things like chipboard and also special materials they sell to make acrylic stamps and embossing folders for the cuttlebug.


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        thank you all for your feed back , i will go for the cricut i think


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          adhesive for slice.

          I have recently purchased a slice elite. I found it quick to set up and get started
          I initially used to much adhesive and didn,t get a good result, the paper kept moving.
          I have mastered this now and I use "Crafters Companion stick & spray temporary re-positional adhesive". I spray the paper and stick it to the glass and it is easy to remove when finished. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase now, its a great little machine.