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    I am finally getting round to starting my scrapbook and was wondering is anyone could point me in the direction of any good site for supplies and information.

    Thank-you all in advance for all your help

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    Hi Morgan

    A good place to start would be the supplier section of which is part of the crafts forum -lots of good sites there.
    Visit Natty Netty for a huge selection of Iris Folding supplies


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      I remember when I first started scrapping, I found it all a little daunting - it's hard to know where to start.

      For supplies you could always visit my site - the majority of products are scrapping supplies. Click on the link below.

      Another good source of inspiration is or you could perhaps buy magazines - Scrapbook Inspirations (a monthly mag), and The Scrapbook Magazine (out every other month), are the two mags I would recommend you buy.

      If you need further advice, feel free to PM me.

      Sam xx


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        I recommend signing up to different mags and getting involved that way, they often point you in the right direction as to where to buy things.

        Good luck!

        bx A new, free, e-magazine for all your crafting needs.


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          We sell a product called Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon that is great for scrapbooking! It is woven from brass, copper and/or aluminum and is coated in enamel and lacquered to prevent color change. It is water proof, heat resistant and nickel free. It can be used as a ribbon to support a pendant, as a tube with beads carefully inserted inside it or it can be fluffed out to nearly 3 times its original size, creating beautiful swirls and waves. It can be twisted, knotted and pulled into just about any shape. Weave wire into it, attach crystals... And this versatile product is certainly not limited to just jewelry design. Think of the possibilities for scrap booking, card making, polymer clay projects (Bake it right in!) ... The possibilities are truly endless!

          When you can, please visit our website and look through our color selection - You'll love how vibrant the colors are! Click on *********** in my signature to visit. We hope to see you!

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