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    Hi all,

    I am new to scrapbooking but really want to display my photo's from my recent holiday to Florida in a really unique album. I have done research into scrapbooking and the best products and how to do things but was wondering if anyone could point me in the write direction of a sensibly priced site where I can get scrapbook materials. I really don't have too much to spend but an awful lot of Photo's as my bf is an a pro photographer (why take one photo when you could take 10).

    I'd also be interested in hearing any hints and tips that people have as well as ideas.


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    Morning! Glad I'm not the only one up early on a Saturday! Baby bottles my excuse...
    I buy alot of my scrapbooking kit from A trip down memory lane they have some gorgeous papers and chipboard and reasonably priced, you get the stuff practically next day delivery and they always throw in some ribbons, also they have a points scheme, which tots up to money off as and when you need it.
    I use a few other sites too, but ATDML really is lovely and very helpful and they have some classes on there too (some holiday ones to follow if you like as well)
    Good Luck, I'm pretty new to scrapbooking but I am now majorly addicted! So beware.
    Deanne x

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      Hi Morgan

      I've got a great scrapbooking project on my website, if you want to take a look in the Projects section.

      I would say, get yourself a nice scrapbook and then dont limit yourself to scrapbooking suppliers, source your materials from any craft or art shop. Let your inspiration take you anywhere!

      A great scrapbooking general tip is: keep your colours to just three and then work in tones of those colours if you need more variation. Works a treat.

      Enjoy your craft!!
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        Another Questions

        I have been looking around and talking to other people some people say that you can make your own scrapbook album therefore saving money on buying one and after looking into I have decided not to do this as it looks complicated, but then that brought about another question which has got me confused. I understand that I need to buy an album which will come with pages, but then I can buy background pages but as I am yet so see inside an album I don't understand how they go together, do you insert them into folders/pockets in the album or do you stick the background page onto a page in the scrapbook. I know this may seem like a really stupid question but not having odne it before and buying my products off the internet means that I don't get the chance to look and find out, hope someone can answer my question


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          HI Morgan

          welcome to the addictive world of scrapbooking!

          There are several types of album around but the most common is the top loading album.

          The album has plastic " pockets" and when you have finished your page you drop it into the pocket from the top. This then protects it from the wear and tear of being looked at and handled. This also enables you to move pages around if you want to.

          The most common type of this abum is the post-bound - means the pockets of held in place by metal posts, you can add extra pages and if needed extend the posts. There are also a few albums that are ring bound - like a normal folder.

          There are also a few albums around where you work directly onto the page and then slip protective covers over. These are fine if you are sure of the order you're going to be working in.

          Albums come is several sizes - 12 x 12 is the basic industry standard but loads of albums are also available in 8x8, 6x6, and more recently 81/2 x 111/2. Many people start with an 8x8 as its less intimidating but if you've got loads of photos the 12x12 might be more practical.

          I'm sure a google search for scrapbooking shops will give you loads of shops - be prepared to loose a few hours searching through them all!! Always a few bargains to be had!! Artbase is where I started out.

          There are now loads of monthly kits too, a great way of building up a variety of supplies in the beginning.

          Most importantly - have fun with it all!!!


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            i agree making your own album is sooo much more complicated ! i am also new to scrapbooking , infact i only started because i didn't wanna loose certain memories and now im tottally hooked doing scrapbooks on everything ! , i have just recently brought a 12 x 12 album with pockets inside it , my book came with the 12 x 12 white paper inside the wallets and i worked on this by addin patterned paper etc and addin photos and then slipping it back in the plastic pocket once i had finished, i found this as the best option for me, also when buyin pattern paper buy the same size as ya wallets, however this is my own opinion but i did find it easier to work with, as when i did buy paper sized 8 x 8 i struggled for inspirtation , hope this helps

            p.s the albums that you can buy more wallets for are amazin ! as it means u dnt have to buy a new album, you jsut buy teh extra wallets to fit into it !