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    I was just browsing through some posts and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the basics that I need to start scrapbooking.

    Ive decided to make scrapbooks for my 7 close friends for Christmas and just need to know what I need.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Kate xx

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    What a fabulous idea...scrapbooks make wonderful pressies. Do you have any papercrafting equipment at present?

    What you need will depend on what you want to achieve and if this is the start of an addiction (it is addictive)...or a one off pressie idea (in which case you won't want to invest in expensive equipment)

    What you actually need is a scrapbook (covers and pages pref with page protectors), paper and cardstock, photos, acid and lignin free adhesives, cutting implements (scissors and craft knife) and embellishments..which could be bits of ephemera (everyday items and souvenirs - things that represent the page theme), ribbon,flowers,glitz and bling...depending on the style you want.

    If you get hooked into it you will need every pretty thing you see...and more besides...

    You are going to have so much fun with this...


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      Thank you very much for your response. I do have some bits and bobs because i have a tendancy to make cards! Although my favourite is jewellery- i make and sell it! I have a feeling scrapbooking may take over!!

      I was curious most about the pages and things and how to bind them together?
      Also what about a front and back cover? and did you say page protectors?

      Could you give me a bit more information on these?

      The embellishments and glittery bits i dont have a problem with, as thats the fun part. I could do with some more advice on the main bits!!

      Thank you in advance


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        You can buy machines that bind pages together for you - but I would really strongly suggest that you buy ready-made scrapbooks so that you can spend all your time concentrating on the fun bit - what to put inside them! You are going to have such a good time making scrapbooks for your friends, what a fantastic idea!


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          I agree it is easier to buy scrapbooks to begin with but they can work out expensive depending on what size you buy and where yo get it form. I would check out online craft suppliers and see if they have any in their sales/clearance sections or buy photo albums that have one large slip in pocket and slide your finished pages into these.

          You can get machines to bind books together - I have a bind it all - but unless you plan to make books, calendars etc its porbably not worth the investment.

          An alternative - if you want to make your own from scratch - is to cover strong card to make your covers and use a cropodile or eyelet setter to punch holes and set them and bind them with jump rings and or ribbon...although this works better on smaller books 6x6 or 8x8.

          page protecters are simply clear plastic covers to protect your finished pages.

          I might suggest if you have a pound shop near you that you pop in and see if they have any scrapbooks in there. I got a basic 8x8 with 10 pages which I used to practice on.

          If you do a search on u-tube you will find loads of ideas and tutorials and there are lots of scrapbooking specific sites out there too where you will pick up tips and ideas.

          Have fun



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            below is some text copied from another forum and they have this crop in Cambridge which would be a good idea - not sure how far away it would be from you but a crop is the best way to find out more about what a scrapbook is and it saves you buying the expensive equipment as they will have some of it there for you to use hth

            xx chris xx

            We are a very friendly group who meet the first Saturday of every month at Abington Village Institute from 10 - 4, £7, refreshments included and free use of die-cut machines the email is llat22 @ (miss out the spaces) Newcomers welcome.
            Hugs Chrism xx

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              If you have a Home Bargains near you have a look there for scrapbooks. They are an unbelievably low price, under £5 for a 12in x 12in (I think it's got 20 pages and a post system so that you can add more) and £2.49 for an 8in x 8in and they all have embellishment kits with them. The cover designs are a bit limited and not to my taste but I'm going to have a go at covering them myself.

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                As presents you may want to consider making a mini scrapbook. I have a couple of tutorials available - I dont have enough posts here yet to give you links, but one uses a single sheet of 12inch by 12 inch cardstock and another uses envelopes as its base. If you would like copies I would be happy to email them to you - just pm me your email address.
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                  Hi Kate

                  I have made various scrapbooks as presents and as you want to do so many (7) I would suggest that you get 8" x 8" ready made scrapbooks as this will save you lots of time. Most already come with the pages and page protectors. What I would suggest is that you ensure you buy acid and lignin free products as these will protect your photos. I would try to include some personal momentoes as well as these are the things that make each scrapbook individual. Hope you have fun and I know your friends will love them. Rebecca


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                    Hi there,
                    The great thing about scrapbooking is it does not require a lot of special equipment. Sure there is alot of fancy stuff out there, but baiscally all you need is an old empty text book and your ready to go. Collect and create bits and pieces and build up as time goes, you will see. Good luck!
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                      Hi ya!

                      You should check out 'the works'- they have cheaper 12x12 scrapbooks with plastic inserts and they come with pages and stickers etc to start you off!
                      I would also definately get some double sided tape and pritt stick!
                      Hobbycraft also have lots of lovely papers and embellishments etc, at the moment they have a sale on!

                      Have fun!


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                        I love scrap books, they somehow remind me of "The Jolly POstman" - I LOVED that book when i was little.
                        "Man who wait paitiently, catch Big fish!