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    Hey Im Ami, i have an scrapbook album, i have so many ideas for it such as i want to do one about my life, the memories that matter, and its my friends 18th in august and i was thinking about doing one for her with memories etc but i really dont know how to start of or how to do layouts etc, i would be really thankful if someone could help me or give me some advice i really love doing arty things and i though this would be good thing to do as ive seen a number of scrapbooks and i think there amazing and maybe would like to be really good at in the furture.

    memories that matter

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    can someone help me please ?


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      Hi Ami

      I'm not a scrapbooker myself but I know we have quite a few members here who are. It's a little quiet on here at the moment, I think the combination of sunshine and a Friday afternoon has meant not so many people sat at their computers...and I don't blame 'em, I'm sat here eying the back garden as I type

      Keep checking as I'm sure you'll get some helpful advice over the next few day...if not sooner.

      Btw I think it's a lovely idea as an 18th gift for your friend, and I bet you'll have loads of fun gathering photos from other friends and family.
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        I've recently made this - if its any help!!


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          NattyNetty Thanks You Very Much

          Tip Top That Is A Brillaint And Has Gave Me Ideas Thank You Very Much
          And Your Designs Are Very Good


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            Hi scrapper18,

            How did you get on with your scrapbook? If you need more help starting scrapbooking, you could try buying a magazine such as Scrapbook Magazine - lots of ideas and inspiration there - or perhaps visiting UKScrappers (although it can be a little overwhelming at first!). You're probably best off starting fairly small, perhaps 6x6 inches, and making a mini-book. 12x12" layouts can be a bit daunting when you're starting out.

            Hope that helps a bit!

            Sarah xx
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              I think the best thing to do is just experiment. Trust your eye to know if things look balanced. Put some confidence into your ideas! You'll do great!
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