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  • What can I use?

    Hi - I've just invested in a rather nice (and expensive) scrapbook/photo-album that I want to use as my portfolio when I do craft fairs to show customers bespoke orders I've made.

    Is there any product that is clear that I can print on to and then stick to the pages? I don't want to have to write on the pages as knowing me I'll make a bloomin' mistake, but I don't just want to use bog-standard white sticky labels either.

    Cheers for any help and advice

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    how about acetate?

    or vellum but thats more like tracing paper than clear.

    It does really depend on whether you mind people being able to see whatever you use.
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      .......Transparencies for computer printers.

      I made some nice invitations for my parent's Golden Wedding by printing a close up photograph of beautiful yellow rose onto inkjet transparencies. The picture was only 5cms square bordered with lilac. I mounted it on white card the same size to show up the photo's colours, then placed the picture on sponge stickypads in the middle of a 15cm square white card, which was also bordered with lilac. It looked really glossy in the centre of the matt white card. Very clean, simple modern look.

      Lots of relatives & friends who received them commented on them, and I ended up doing Christening and 50th birthday party invites for other relatives' special occasions.

      Just remember, if you are printing text to set your printer to reverse print! Oh, and give the ink chance to dry before handling.....

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        I would suggest acetate, which you can buy for the printer, check it is the printer type first, cus ink will wipe off otherwise. The trouble you will have though is sticking it to the page, cus you will be able to see the sticky through it. Vellum is a good choice, but not see through. You can get sticky vellum in loads of colours. This means you will not see the glue or sticky through.


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          There's a product called Safmat film by Letraset which might do the trick. I've not tried it myself but it is self-adhesive transparent film that is compatible with injet and black & white laser printers. I think you can get it directly from the Letraset website. Not sure if I can post the link but it's easy enough to find on google
          Becks H xx