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Eyelets - sigh... help needed

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  • Eyelets - sigh... help needed


    Basically, I have just bought an eyelet punching/setting tool, however it doesnt seem to work properly. This is the first time that I am using the tool so i might just be making some sort of mistake. The thing is that it doesnt seem to cut properly - I place the tool with the cutting head on the paper and hammer on the back of the cutter handle but no luck - it simply makes a little round shape in the paper but doesnt actually punch the paper -aarrrghhh. Im definitely using the cutting head and not the setting head - is it me or the tool??? Help!

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    I have no experience with these, i always use a hole punch (same size as eyelet) then use the setting tool and hammer. It gives the perfect finish and the punch is only about £3.
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      How many times are you hitting it and how hard. I seem to remember them being demonstrated on tv and the women hitting it quiet firmly about three times.
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        Goldy1 is right you do have to give it a hefty old whack with the hammer, maybe you're being too gentle with it.

        After managing to damage our kitchen table when I first did it I now use a coaster made out of cork to put underneath the card I'm punching....I find it's just the right firmness plus obviously protects the table.
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          Is it being hit on a solid surface?If its not it effects the outcome.

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            Did the eyelet tool come with a self headling cutting mat - that's the best surface. Then you can be confident you're not going to make holes in the table & can give it a hefty couple of wacks.

            It does take a bit of practice though - have some practice goes until you get better at it!!


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              Like a few folks have already said. You need to be on a solid surface (I went to a crop once and had to set my eyelets on the floor, cus the table was a trestle type one!!!) You need a self healing mat underneath and will need to whack it quite hard 2 or 3 times. Then the same when setting the eyelet!!
              Hope you get there, it does take practice


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                You will need to punch the hole for your eyelet prior to placing it on your page. The hole is 1/8" in diameter. You punch the hole and then put eyelet through it and use your setter to pound it in place.

                Instructions should be included in your kit or with your eyelet setter. Eyelets can be used for decoration or you can even thread ribbon, hemp, waxy flax, etc. through them for more design choices.
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                  I use eyelets in my fabric PE bags and I've got a hand-held jobby-whatsit that does it all in one go..... can you get the same for paper-craft?
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