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  • Scrapbooking newbie

    Hello everyone, my name is Jem and I'm new to scrapbooking. I have made cards in the past but fancied making scrapbooks of holidays etc.

    I'm quite well equipped with supplies just can't seem to find what the best scrapbook to use would be and what paper to start with.

    I would be very grateful of any suggestions.

    Thanks x

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    just so long as you use acid and lignin free papers, any size or shape you prefer!

    there are a number of websites which sell scrapbooks and papers, and a number of crops around the country.
    have you tried uk scrappers website, or top50scrappers, they list loads of shops, and internet sites. also have a number of crops listed there too.

    PM if you want the links

    Scrappy Sal

    [email protected]


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      I really agree with sally i use a 12x12 scrapbook album i started offf using 8x8 but found that a bit small because after a while you find more and more to fill you page there are some really lovely papers out there i have some with glitter on them and the flock papers are beautiful
      hoped that's helped a bit


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        Thank you for your replies!

        I had a look on the craft-ed website. Saw a nice 12x12 album which I'll get and a 12x12 card stack.

        Think I'll have a play around with designs before I do anything permanent.


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          Welcome to the very addictive world of scrapbooking, Jem

          12x12 definitely seems to be the most popular size of scrapbook, that's what most of mine are. I agree with scrappy sal about only using acid and lignin free papers, good advice Also try to look for embellishments that are acid free too (no need to check they're lignin free as that's only found in plant material, haha!)

          Have you got a Hobbycraft or The Range near you? They'll have a range of scrapbook products you might like...

          Have you looked at any of the magazines for scrapbookers? In my local WHSmith there's Scrapbook Inspirations, Scrapbook Magazine and Scapbook Trends...


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            If you can get hold of an American Scrapbooking magazine, you'll see how they've taken it to an art form. I find their ideas very sophisticated. Why not subscribe? It's worth it.


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              Thank you Boo and Lily for your replies!

              Well I purchased a scrapbook album and some card stock from craft-ed. Waiting for that to arrive and ill get practising.

              I've also bought a subscription to Scrapbook Inspirations to help me along my way.

              I've had a look on YouTube at American scrapbooking and it is amazing. I just hope I can actually fulfill my ideas, as I have trouble drawing stick men. He he.
              Might take a trip to my local hobby craft again ... Spend way too much Money there though.


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                I'm new to scrap booking myself. Am working on my first one now. And as it nears completion I think it's been a relatively successful project. For a first attempt I am actually quite pleased with it.

                One thing I will say... Is if you're using photos that you only have as actual photos and not in digital format, I'd scan them in and make copies. That way you can make another copy of a picture if you mess one up, and you keep the originals. The scrapbook I'm working on has quite a lot of older pictures in, pre-digital camera days. I'm very glad to have my scanner!

                I hope your stuff arrives soon. I'm sure you'll soon be stuck in there!


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                  Hi Tania

                  well the cardstock and album arrived yesday. Yay!

                  All my pics are on my PC thankfully so can print out ones that I need. Can't wait to get started now.