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  • Help!!

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place.
    I've bought a photo album of the type that you stick the photos onto the page. I've never used this type before.
    Can I just stick the photo's in with prittstick??

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    Do you meen a Scrapbook.
    If you do you need to get an Acid free glue. That's if ya want it to last forever and not degrade in 30 years?????. I think the Acid free thing is a bit of a marketing ploy myself. I've had things stuck in an old photo Album for 20 + years and they show no sign of damage yet.
    In the end it's personal coice.
    I back up all my pics on the computer and then burn on to cd. So I don't mind what I stick them in my scrapbook with.
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      I got it from a craft fair, it's a photo album that has handmade paper pages in it i'm going to take some photos at a friends wedding and give it to her as a wee pressie so i don't really want it going all funny in a few years!!


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        I'd go for the acid free adhesive option if only to put your mind at rest.
        Other than that, there are other options for attaching photo's to the page; eyelets, photo corners etc.
        Will you be embellishing the page as well, or just putting the photos on it?
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          I would agree with the acid free adhesive, pritt stick really doesn't last very long at all before the pictures start falling out (this isn't from crafting as I make candles. This is from sticking all my lovely babies pictures into their lovely baby albums and I think they reached about 2 when they all started to fall out).

          All the best.

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            Ok - acid free thingymajiggy, could you give me a brand name as i haven't a clue what i'm looking for!!?
            I may put other stuff in it but it's quite small, only fit one photo 6x4 on a page i've never done anything like this before i just thought it might be nice for them to get some 'different' shots of the day other than the 'posed' wedding album ones!
            After the wedding i will have 3 weeks to do it before they come back from honey moon so i hope i can do something half decent in that time!!


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              I did a bit of searching on the web and I don't know if this would be what you are looking for. It is more along the lines of a tape.

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                I think glue dots would work well they have a wide variety of choice when it comes to sticking things. A few die cuts like a wedding dress, suit, flowers etc would be nice little additions to the pages aswell plus they're flat so they won't make the pages stick out.

                Hope this helps.
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                  I have a range of Dovecraft adhesives in a kit in my shop. Might be useful for you. All acid free.
                  Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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                    Glue dots!! I think i've got a box somewhere....
                    Thanx - you're a helpful wee bunch aren't you?


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                      Actually , Pritt stick IS acid free....

                      Unfortunately it doesn't last very long, & photos will start to detach from the page, so I would avoid it anyway.

                      PM me if you're still struggling, I'm happy to advise.