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Where can I find the right papers

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  • Where can I find the right papers

    Hi I am making memory books for each of my 4 grandchildren. I have bought ring binders, 3 ring, and I have made patchwork covers using gorgeous christmas fabrics. Then I have put their name on the front. They have inside some pages for photos and I will be putting some red or green envelopes in, 1 per year, for mum/dad to put momentos in. Hope this paints a good enough picture.
    I now need to find papers for them to write on so that christmas day to be recorded on for each year until aged 18, size 19x27cm. I want these to be books that will become a tradition to get them out and read back each year. Would I be best buying 12x12 christmas scrapbooking paper and cutting it to size or is there another soloution please.
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    no idea about the papers but just wanted to say what a really lovely idea
    will have to remember that one for when I'm a Nan
    it will be something to really treasure and a brilliant keepsake for them


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      Thanks for that, I can't claim the origional as my own but I have now got carried away with it. My grandbabies are precious so I want them to have lovely memories recorded. They all have lovely parents who will record in their books, at least mummys will!

      Had a thought that I should really buy cardstock? and decorate the pages a little so that there is a blank space to write it. With the fancy papers it will be harder to see what has been written due to the pattern and not all mums are in to scrapbooking so I don't want this to be a chore


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        Hi there, I think using card stock will give each page a bit more stability. You could use cut down 12x12 card, or regular A4, but us scrapbookers insist on acid free (and if you're particular like me, lignin free too) cardstock/paper as acid could damage any mementos/photos on your pages, and the lignin will turn your paper brown.
        How about using some lovely 12x12 scrapbook patterned paper (cut to your albums' size) to decorate each page, and as you say, you could leave areas blank for photos, journalling etc.?
        Will each page be inside a plastic protector?

        Some scrapbook papers now come in 8"x8" too, I know they sell books/pads of them in The Range...


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          what a lovely idea!

          Paper wise there is tons of choice out there, the making memories noteworthy range, i think teresa collins also has some lovely ledger/notebook style papers too!

          Another option would be to get either downloadable designs or rubber stamps and make a ton of journalling cards to go in the folders, then when they want to write a note, just pull out a card and write it!

          When my little girl was first home (and wouldnt sleep) i used to just grab a piece of notepad paper, the boring school type stuff, and write her a letter about how she has changed, things she did etc. It filled up an otherwise long night for me and will be lovely for her to look back on!

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            Ooh thanks I love your ideas, didn't think there would be so much to choose from. Do you recommend plastic wallets? and if so do I need a special one. Like the idea of journalling cards this is all new to me as I usually sew knit bead etc but not usually papercrafts.


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              Scrapbooks generally come with the plastic sleeves already in them, you add your cardstock decorated with patterned paper, embellishments, journalling blocks, etc...
              I don't know what you've already purchased, is it an A4 ring binder that you get from stationery shops?
              You can buy plastic pages from scrapbook stores, but they generally come in 12x12" or the American A4 which I think is approx. 8x11.5". They help to protect your scrapbook pages, but of course they limit the accessibility of what's on them, you'd have to take them out to look at what's in your envelopes, for example.


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                I am not a scrapbooker but i am a paper addict..he he!!

                For A4 you would probably be better getting 12 x 12 paper and cutting it down to size. As a rule the craft paper companies make paper and "stacks" of paper in set sizes of 3x3, 6x6, 8x8 and 12x12

                The 12 x 12 will give you more room to play and you will probably get more out of it! You will always find things to do with the off cuts such as using them to back (matt and layer) little quotes, make little envelopes or you could buy some punches and make some matching embellishments out of them!

                I would personally go for double sided paper - K&CO do some beautiful papers and they are good quality!



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                  Wow this is great thanks everyone. Yes I have just decided that it needs to be cardstock for the pages just not sure what to do about decorating the pages as 3 of the mummy's enjoy scrapbooking???


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                    Sorry everyone if I am a pest. I am now trying to find page protectors for my grandbabies scrapbook/journal. They need to be 8.5 x 11 portrait view and with holes for 3 rings! I know, I don't ask for much do I.
                    Many thanks for your patience and help. (Think I had better go back to knitting and sewing when these are done)


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                      Hi, just did a quick Google search and found these...





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                        Boo thank you so much you are a star I will order them straight away


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                          You're welcome