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  • Lazy Scrappers!

    Are there any other lazy scrappers out there besides me??

    I like to scrap, I enjoy scrapping but for some reason getting started just seems too overwhelming at times!

    Anyone else find this?

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    Yes, what is this all about?
    Why has my scrapbook stuff been lying on the dining room table all weekend, but I haven't touched it?
    I think it has something to do with option paralysis - so many good ideas; where to start.
    We need to shake it down and get on with it!
    Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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      Yes me to im new to scrapping and with help from some lovely ladies in another forum started a layout still not complete and the girls keep urgeing me to get it finished and post so they can give there comments still half complete on the table collectin dust why when i love fiddling and makeing things.Also have a dollshouse kit still in box.


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        My problem is also the choice I have. I think the best thing to do is to pick one and do it And not even think about the others until they're done.

        I have a goal on superviva now to scrap one of my memory's! Should get done sometime then along side the 200 odd other things on my list! lol!

        Soggy Cornflakes ~ Kids don't have instructions!
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          Keep it small

          Hi All,

          Find myself that I really need to be in the mood. Not only that, if the project is to big I give up half way through.

          Keep it small I say and you'll more than likely finish one


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            I no what you mean, but don't try and force your self to do it , or the ideas wont be so great !! always scrap when ur in the mood


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              Hi Everyone,

              I am new on this forum but must say I absolutely love it! Everyone has realistic questions & really good ideas....

              I am also a lazy scrapper... i have a huge box at home filled with odds & ends for scrapping. the problem is when i go shoping & see scrapping stuff i just cant control myself & buy it... but when i get home i just cant get my ideas into actual scrapbooking....

              I'm thinking about getting a magazine subscription to a scrapbooking magazine, that way, i will get a free gift with everyone & get some really helpful tips... i have had a look at a few but my favourite 2 at the moment are Scrapbook Inspirations & Papercraft Inspirations... i am not too sure which one to choose though. . . I found this really cool website that sells them & gives great offers....

              Thanks guys.... and let me know what you think...



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                I think you can call it Scrappers Block, and it happens to all of us - especially melol!

                Like another member said, don't force it. The need to scrap will return eventually.

                If it is a case of what do first (sometimes it is a bit daunting). I start with a photo that I like, picking the colours & papers from there. It works for me.

                Sam xx


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                  i go in cycles i can work for a few days then need a long break,im working on my second book with the help of my daughter


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                    i have sat for ages trying to figure out what to do with a page then ive got up left it for while come back and arranged it in about 5mins flat and it looks better than all the efforts id tried when id sat there for hours


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                      Been there and got the T-shirt

                      U could try picking a layout from a mag or web pages and 'scraplifting' it.

                      Or meet up and scrap with some friends - you could pick their brains


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                        It just seems to take sooooo long which is why I think I usually stick to cards!!


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                          hi girls - when I get scrappers block - which is quite often - I use sketches from websites - you can download them and print them on someof the sites which is good and then you can use them as a basis for your LO - you don't have to stick to them rigidly unless you want to but I find this helps get the creative juices working again hth
                          Hugs Chrism xx

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                            My sister bought me a scrapbook kit for my birthday and it's still in the box I've got a lot of Mum's old war photos to mount, I did get some 'wartime' paper from QVC but that's as far as I've got.

                            Paula xx


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                              I often feel that there are too many things that I want to do, and then sometimes things I want to do I can't afford to do so I sit and wait doing nothing until I can. I'm very bad for that actually, I get obsessed by one idea and that's all I want to do!

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