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    married for the second time and living in France, recently found boxes full of old photos of our kids (we have three each) all grown up now with families of their own. I thought it would be a good idea to make each one their own personal album. Can anyone offer any advice about the best albums? I know they should be acid and lignin free but are they better with paper leaves between the pages or with the adhesive cellophane type covers? I have been card making for about 5 years now but have never tried scrapbooking yet. I am going to need 6 albums which is going to be quite expensive looking at the price of albums, can anyone point me in the direction of websites that stock reasonably priced materials. I will probably have to buy on the net as our part of France is seriously lacking in craft stores.

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    Ive only just started scrapping myself but im sure someone on here will help.


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      Hi Lynda

      I don't think you'll find many scrapbooking albums with leaves in between the pages, are you looking to make a memory album with journalling, decoration etc, or just a straightforward photo album?

      Most SB tutors would not recommend the ones with the self adhesive covers,(usually known as 'magnetic albums') as they are generally not very secure long term, and few are acid and lignin free.

      You ask about the 'best albums'. Different people prefer different formats, the best album in my opinion is 12x12 as it gives you the most space. If by 'best' you mean best quality, you will certainly not get them cheaply.....

      If you are looking to scrapbook, I can recommend someone that I use, that does postal, and takes CC. The albums start from £22.50 upwards....
      PM me if you want their details.

      You've got quite a job if you've got 6 to do!!



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        Hi, give me a shout if you want anything made out of fimo for your scrap booking, ie. little snowmen for christmas, balloons for birthdays etc.
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          Hi there,
          Good luck with this project, it's a great idea.
          There are two sizes of scrapbook, 12x12's have already been mentioned but 8x8 are getting increasingly popular; not least because they are cheaper to post! And more paper people are starting to do 8x8 paper. This size is good for one photo per page and a bit of decoration.
          The quality and price of albums does vary widely; personally I'd go for a cheaper postbound (so expandable) album with plastic inserts and spend my money on good quality papers and embellishments - particulary if you are just starting out.
          Hope that helps a bit,
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            Types of Scrapbooks

            Hi Lynda

            I have a selection of 8 x 8 scrapbookalbums on my Website. They are all £7.99 and come with slip in cellophane covers (top-loading) for you to slip in your completed scrapbook pages. They are also expandable and post bound so extra pages can be added easily.

            There is a selection including Party, Vintage etc. Please check out my web site and let me know if you have any queries etc and I will be happy to help if I can!

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              Originally posted by Lynda Reid View Post
              I know they should be acid and lignin free but are they better with paper leaves between the pages or with the adhesive cellophane type covers?
              What you are discribing are Photo Albums. Scrapbooks are a whole diffrent ball game. As a first timer I would sugest buying a kit. They colour co-ordinate everthing for you. So making the proscess easier and quicker.
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