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Year Books...advice please!

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  • Year Books...advice please!

    I have been asked to help with making some year books for a local dance team.

    I have seen previous years books and they were either made from sheets of A4 paper stapled together or A4 sheets slotted into a plastic pocket folder. Not really special!...

    The girls would like to make something more substancial this year...

    I was looking at using a "Bind-it-all" machine but cant find covers in A4 sizes...and never having used one before would like to get some more advice on this one too...(I would purchase for myself)

    The girls have a budget of £20 for 14 books!...(erkk)

    I have a craft room full of papers and embellishments etc...
    so we dont have to spend on that. I have printer, inks and plenty of paper. Im happy to add a little more money to it but not alot.

    The book has to include copies of the award certificates for competitions,
    Photos of the girls in action, individual awards, quotes from the year and profiles of the girls.

    I am starting to set out the pages on publisher but feel it needs to be a little more special than years before.

    Anyone with any ideas??...

    All help and advice appriciated...


    Brighton, UK

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    Try a printing shop near to you. I work in a village printing shop (Unfortunately no where near you so can't help you out)

    We do comb binding and hard book binding so it may be worth asking around at printing


    google print shops in brighton and it gives you a load of websites, they might be able to help you
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      For A4 covers with the bind-it-all I use plain chipboard but for 14 books I think it will cost too much as I used to buy 5sheets for £3.80 from an online store that is out of businees, so completly no help!!

      The Bind-it-all is fab, I don't own one but have plenty of crafting friends which do so I take my books to them and buy a wire. They are really easy to use, once you know how. If you are not sure how much use you will get out of it find out if anyone at a local craft club owns one and will let you have a play.
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