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    I joined this website in the hope of meeting more scrappers and haven't come across very many, so I thought I'd start a thread where may be those people who do scrapbook can say hi.

    Janet xx
    I'm a happy scrapper, always looking for more friends to scrap with

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    Hi Janet

    I don't scrap, but as a crafter many of our issues are very similar.
    Like you I find there are not many crafters on here making my craft, yet the the help support and friendship at the end of my mouse is amazing.

    Hopefully someone will come along soon you can scrap with


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      I make & sell handmade cards, but my sis just had a baby and have bought a album to do a scrap book for my her. Know my mum wants one too. Ive never done one before

      Any tips

      Sara x


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        I'd like to say hello and welcome although I don't do scrapping!
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          Thanks for the replies ladies, I really appreciate them. I am enjoying this website a whole lot, just thought it might be nice to find a few more scrappers lol.
          I'm a happy scrapper, always looking for more friends to scrap with


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            Well, I'm sure you'll find many people on here who like to scrap after a few vino's...... oh, wait, not that type of "scrapping".... rubbish
            Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings

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              Hi Janet

              Don't give up hope - I'm a Scrapper too . I don't get a lot of time to get much scrapping done but I do enjoy it.


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                Hi Janet

                I'm not a scrapbooker but want to become one.

                I have recently had a baby and want to make a scrapbook of her first year. I find that many scrapbook papers etc can be quite expensive so it's a job knowing where to buy from. So far everything I have bought has come from Ebay. I have also invested in a "scrapbooking" book to give me inspiration. If my baby scrapbook proves a success then I want to make one of my cats, in particular, my cat Felix who passed away two years ago.

                Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated!



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                  I dabble in scrapbooking! Although I prefer making cards and have a go at so many other things that my scrapbook seems to have taken a back seat for a long time now!

                  It's good to have you here, this is a lovely forum, my favourite crafty place! There IS another uk forum which is mainly for scrapbooking, I dont think it would be right to promote it on here but pm me if you want the address to have a look.


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                    hello... I scrapbook... but I havn't had chance for ages, I usually wait until I have a whole keepsake box full of lovelies, empty into a scrapbook and fill again


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                      Hi !
                      As far as I'm concerned I'm beginner in scrapbooking ! I prefer to try and improve inks techniques by making cards. When I'll feel more confident in my craft style, I think I will scrap !
                      Greetings from France !!! Et oui, moi, c'est la petite Frenchy !

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                        Thanks all for your replies, I am really enjoying this site and have made a few friends already, I will be checking here regularly and would love to see what projects you are all working on and just chat about it. I love card making to and there seems to be lots of that going on. In fact I need to make 2 cards tonight, so best get going.
                        I'm a happy scrapper, always looking for more friends to scrap with



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                          Hello fellow scrapbookers!

                          Hi! I love scrapbooking but dont get enough time to do it, loads of photos waiting to be scrapbooked! I like it to be honest cos I am selfish and dont want to give away all my best papers and embellishments ha ha.
                          Have done a couple of books now and I prefer 12x12 size. I have far too many papers and have started to even sell some off on ebay cos its getting ridiculous.
                          I dont theme my pages and approach each one as separate project which is more fun i think. Most pages are of my boys, its such a great way to keep memories.
                          I typically buy my stuff from internet companies, ebay, the NEC shows in March and November and good old QVC.
                          I think its a great hobby as you can go as far into it as you like, plainish pages with momentos stuck on or very detailed flaps and diecuts and loads of different papers, ribbons and gems etc I love hidden journalling on pages.
                          Have been doing mostly cards for the last few months due to fact have started to try and do some craft fairs and with returning to work after maternity leave its been a bit hectic but writing on here has made me want to start a new page so who knows could be the push I needed to get my stuff out!


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                            Well I would say with 11 12x12 scrapbooks, 6 of them complete, I would say I'm definatly a scrapper! Have been scrapbooking for about 8 years now and love it.

                            I do occasional small projects, 6x6 or mini albums for Mum and Mum-in-Law for Christmas pressie and birthday pressies but mostly my scrapbooks are for me.

                            Did a bit of scrapping today, have uploaded the pic to my blog. The layout is my niece and one of her best mates. They are now 18yrs and 19yrs old and have been friends since they were 3 & 4 yrs. They were neighbours in Cornwall and my sister and her family moved back up North 7 years ago they have stayed in touch which I think is great and very worthy of a layout!
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                              Hi! I've only just found this forum, and so I'm hoping to find lots of other scrappers around! I only really scrap - I don't particularly enjoy making cards. I mainly do 12x12, although I have recently dabbled in a couple of mini books and altered projects - pictures on my blog!

                              I'm looking forward to working my way around this site!
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