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    Hey everyone. I am pretty new to this kind of hobby and I am kinda of crafty but some reason i cant seem to get things i want do and with what i want to do now i really don't want to mess things up. I would like to make a scrapbook of memories of me and my boyfriend. I am not really using a scrapbook. I am actually thinking of making mine with a really nice sketchpad i really like.

    Does anyone have any ideas or tips for this. It would really help me out.

    Hope to hear from you all soon


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    Maybe think of a theme for each page witha colour scheme.Start with background paper,add your pictures,then add ribbons,phrases,any kind of embellishments.Maybe stick in concert ticket stubs along with the photos.

    Im trying out scrapbooking too but Im finding it hard to create different looks.

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      Maybe you could have a theme for each page like seahorse suggested, but then have a theme that runs through the whole thing too, to tie it together. Such as doing all the journalling onto a heart shape, or under a flap, or using the same technique once on every page eg stitching.

      I think scrapbooking is all about doing it the way YOU want it, so just have a fiddle around and see what you can come up with!


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        I made mine in colour sections so pages from particular stages/events would have the same colour scheme eg.. The early days, holidays, family get togethers, celebrations, moving in together. I even have a page about our cars as I lived in London and he lived in Leeds at the time so we used to race up or down the M1 to each other.
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          Hi Toni & to the forum


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            I have one of these 'scrap books' and they are really fun once you start to fill it! You might find it easier to begin by collecting/keeping lots of bits first of all, and then you can lay them out on different pages to arrange where they would go.

            I don't really decorate mine that much, just tend to stick loads of things in it! The pages need to be quite thick and strong. In mine i stick photos, cinema/event tickets, letters, drawings, notes, christmas/birthday wrapping paper, bows and tags from presents, flower petals, labels from food/drink packaging such as ice cream or wine that we like, receipts, shells from holiday, and loads more personal stuff. I tend to try and keep something from a lot of the things we do together, its surprising how you forget little things if you havent kept something to act as a memory!

            A good way of decorating pages is to get some samples of nice wallpaper from a DIY shop and use it as a background.

            My book is tied together with a big ribbon that was initially tied around a bunch of roses i got one valentines day. the ribbon also holds in all the birthday/xmas/valentines cards etc that are loose at the back of the book in a big envelope.

            Hope this gives you some inspiration!


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              Answer of Bella2009

              If you are new to scrapbooking, start with a DIY scrapbooking kit. These kits are available easily at arts and crafts supplies store and include almost all the basic things required to start off with scrapbooking. However, they put a certain kind of limitation on your imagination and creativity. So,beware of this and from the very beginning, start incorporating you own ideas to express yourself and decorate the scrapbook your way by not limiting yourself to the choices of designs and patterns given in these hobby kits. Choose a theme around which you can make and decorate your scrapbook. A theme can be anything- special occasions, festivals, friends, family, your hobbies, educational interests or just anything under the sky and in your mind.


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                Hi Toni

                I can't help with your question - just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

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                  another tip is to copy the photos you want to use then if it goes wrong (which it won't, unless you get scissor happy) you still have the original to re-copy.
                  just do what you want to do, with scrapping there is no wrong way to make up your pages, its personal to you and your boyfriend.