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  • Scrapbooking ideas

    Id like to start doing scrapbooking.

    Could you point me in the right direction of any good sites that show me what elements Id need to incorporate or sites that sell collage sheets(copyright free).

    Ive seen a fair bit of scrapbooking with loads of textures but just wondered if there was some kind of formula to create a piece.

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    I dont really think there is a formula, scrapbooking is very individual!

    The ukscrappers forum is quite good for advice and ideas, and quite a busy forum too!

    I have recently found lots of challenge blogs too, which give you a sketch or a recipe which you use to make a layout. I didnt save that many of the scrapbooking ones as Im more into making cards at the moment, but this will give you an idea:

    And if you like that idea, you can find more by looking at the blogs of people who take part - they often list all the challenges they do on their blog!

    And you can look at past sketches too to get inspiration for your scrapbooking.


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      Thanks for the info

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        craft4creation is a good site with useful info on scrapbooking and making cards, some good products on there to.



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          A credit card helps as per all crafts!
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            I tried some yesterday, layered some stamping that id done then used heat it up over the top, sadly the bottom layer came through so il need to use card for the top layer at least.But its all a work in progress.


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              Does anybody know if Kanban crafts is an angel company?
              I emailed them yesterday but they havnt replied yet, Im sooo impatient.


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                We sell a product called Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon that is great fro scrapbooking! It is woven from brass, copper and/or aluminum and is coated in enamel and lacquered to prevent color change. It is water proof, heat resistant and nickel free. It can be used as a ribbon to support a pendant, as a tube with beads carefully inserted inside it or it can be fluffed out to nearly 3 times its original size, creating beautiful swirls and waves. It can be twisted, knotted and pulled into just about any shape. Weave wire into it, attach crystals... And this versatile product is certainly not limited to just jewelry design. Think of the possibilities for scrap booking, card making, polymer clay projects (Bake it right in!) ... The possibilities are truly endless!

                When you can, please visit our website and look through our color selection - You'll love how vibrant the colors are! Click on in my signature to visit. We hope to see you!
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                  Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
                  Does anybody know if Kanban crafts is an angel company?
                  I emailed them yesterday but they havnt replied yet, Im sooo impatient.

                  Yes they are they are happy for you to make & sell stuff using their products


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                    I love scrapbooking and it is very individual, I love white space, so mine are never really cluttered with too much.

                    This challenge blog Pencil Lines do a challenge every sunday evening and all the design team show your their interpretation of the sketch.

                    Myself and a friend also have a challenge blog, anything from scrapbooking to cardmaking and altered art RosieDees Challenges

                    Theres alot of layouts on my blog too.
                    Hope some of that helps
                    Deanne x

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                      Have you had a look at this forum they have loads of information and friendly advice, as well as examples of layouts.


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                        I got a copy of "how to scrapbook" by Joy Aitman and Sarah McKenna from Wilkinsons for £2.99.. (publish price £10.99) its by Search Press (

                        It's not a bad book, has some basic info on layouts, techniques and embellishment, as well as some nice themes you can copy, or use as a basis for your own creations.

                        Having said that, theres no "wrong" technique or style.. so just go for it!