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Where to find the right binder please??

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  • Where to find the right binder please??

    Just me again sorry to be a pest. I have said previously that I would like to make a christmas journal/memory book for my tiny grandbabies, 4 of them so far! I want to make a fabric cover which I have now sorted the fabric and pattern ideas for. My problem is that I want to make a slipcover for them so I will need a ring binder, same principle as what we used to use in high school. However I want it to be square, rather than A5, then I will be able to use envelopes etc from scrapbooking suppliers to create pockets and pages. I have been crafting for years and I am reasonably confident with any task. I have no tools for binding etc.
    Calic crafts do one but it is 12", or do you think 12" would be better than 8" as I want this to be recorded in each christmas

    I did find one online today and then went and closed the site by mistake so frustrating as I have spent ages looking for similar. Thanks for reading this............

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    I buy binders for my scrapbook in a store...
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      My problem is that I want a plain one but square, not so easy to get hold of in UK without spending a fortune on an album


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        erm, i know theres a german company called Rayher, who do plain white scrapbooks and the front has a little window ( but you could cover that ) and they are 12 x 12 size and cost about £10 each.

        sorry i cant be of more help

        Theres 8x8 and 12x12 ones on this site HERE

        not sure if they are any use to you
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