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what's is Scrapbooking ?

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  • what's is Scrapbooking ?

    My job is foreign trade and several days ago,one customer asked me whether our company produce scarpbooking,but really we don't produce this kind of product.And I don't know what is scrapbooking.So can anyone here tell me what is scrapbooking?And I am a Chinese,so could you please explain it carefully?Thank you!

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    nobody answer my questions?

    anybody can answer my questions?


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      Its a way of documenting photos in an arty way.
      People get photos, usually of family members, and place them in a colourful/themed setting, with added quotations, embellishments, stickers, charms, ribbons.A bit like an elaborate photo album.

      Type 'scrapbooking' into google images and it will give you an idea.

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        Yes it is a way of presenting your memories and capturing how special they are - instead of just having a photo album with the photos next to each other they are put onto scrapbooking pages and then embellished with craft items - it can be very rewarding and theraputic - I have only just started scrapbooking myself but am enjoying it tremendously!!!

        Just another thing for me to get addicted too!!!!
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          All the products used in scrapbooking must be acid, lignin and PVC free, so that it wont effect you photos. The acid in self adhesive albums for example can attack the photos making them go yellow and brittle, eventually cracking them.
          Scrapbooking is using these acid free products ie albums, adhesives, stickers rub-ons etc to create an album that has emotion and tells a story of who the person is and what is happening etc.


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            putting collections in a book. Like a memory box, but a book. Photographs, momentos like tickets, leaflets, cards all together with decorations too, and maybe things written down, like a written memory to go witth the other things on the page.

            eg - seaside/beach

            photos, shels, tickets from amusements, decorations like ribbon, pictures of buckets & spades, flip flops, beach balls, general seaside themed pictures, and writing saying when you were there and what happened.

            I hope this helps?
            Nattelie xx


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              Scrapbooking is a combination of collecting memories in photots with art work and journalling...its a use of mixed media to capture precious moments.
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                All the above comments must be helping out but just to add another one make it FUN!

                Some of the other posts cover the time element in scrapbooking so be prepared for it to take time for large projects.

                Fun factor is the key and also helps when family and friends are looking through them. Makes it all the more enjoyable for all.

                Don't forget those videos or DVD's, lots of editing software around now which will help you select a still from videos and DVD's adding yet more potential for capturing that all important moment in time.

                Hope this helps
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                  Just discovered Scrapbooking software

                  I have just discovered some great scrapbooking software called PC Art and Craft Studio from a company called greenstreet. They have full working trial versions to download for free on their website.

                  I always considered myself to be a traditionalist and enjoy making things by had. But this software is really easy to use and allows you to add your own artwork or by extra artwork packs from their website.


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                    Web Address


                    I forgot to put the web address on my last post

                    I think it was


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                      A few people know about scrapbook in Thailand, most of them are the one who have ever studied abroad.

                      I think it is the great way to keep memory. But most of us, I mean "Thai" we kept our photo in the plain photo album... Don't have embellishment on.