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Sizzix big shot issue

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  • Sizzix big shot issue

    Hi, this is my first ever time using a forum so I’ll try and explain clearly so sorry in advance!
    I got my first ever sizzix big shot and the little dies are fab no worries. (Worried about the cracking and the imprinting in the clear cutting plate but looked it up)
    I have an embossing folder and more on the way but they will not go through the rollers!
    it basically “pings” up when I try. Has anyone got any advice? I’ve emailed hobby craft and sizzix for help but I am so stressed out 😰
    I have no idea what to

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    Hello, and welcome,

    I don't use a Big Shot, I have a Gemini but I am guessing its your sandwich which you need to get right.

    Maybe this will help.

    Hope this helps,



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      The Big Shot comes with various enhancer plates and written on them details as to which to us. I use the large white sheet with the transparent sheets and works fine for embossing, also sometimes for smaller detail all so use an embossing rubber mat.


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        Hi thanks!
        I have the sand which correct as per the instructions which is why I’m so stressed out. It just doesn’t make sense!!! I don’t have the thinlits Matt on I made sure of that. It just doesn’t make sense.

        I will check the link Thankyou