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Printing my own Scrapbook pages

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  • Printing my own Scrapbook pages

    I am looking to be very a creative and print my own background sheets and produce my own embellishments yo make it extra special. I am concerened about whether my pages and embellishments would be acid free like they need to be to protect the photos.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on if standard paper, photo paper and printer ink will be acid free and safe. And how I can check in the future when buying products that they are going to be safe.

    I'm properly over complicating this and all the products I need will be safe

    Many Thanks

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    as you print out the photos usually with the same ink i would have thought most inks would be okay but i dont know for sure have you got an a3 printer so you can print out 12 x 12 papers thats what id like
    Jan xx


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      I thought the same thing about the inks but thought I'd try and see if anyone knew for sure.

      I don't have my own A3 printer but I do have access to one which is a great help


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        Conservation grade ink and paper


        It sounds as If you are concerned about the longevity of your work, and are considering using acid free paper and inks.

        If that is the case you should consider using an archival quality paper, the problem here is that though there are many acid free papers to choose from, very few of them are designed for use with an inkjet printer.

        Typically the problem with ordinary acid free papers is the ink bleeds into the paper and you lose the detail of pictures. This may not be a problem for you but it is something to be taken into account.

        There are spe******t papers made by, for example Hahnemuhle which are not only acid free but also coated so as to be a suitable for use with inkjet printers. These papers are quite expensive but they are available in boxes of 25 sheets A4 size.

        If you go to the expense of using archival quality paper, you should also be aware of the need of archival quality inks. I know for a fact their is an archival quality black ink, but I am less certain about the colours.

        I hope this has helped you a little.


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          This article may be of interest for longevity of inks in printing your own papers..l do myself but l also print the pictures too so acid free isn't an issue..all printed with the same ink on same paper!!
          But longevity is for me as l make craft items aswell as scrapbooking with my own printed papers/embelishments and fading is not what l bought an Epson printer because seems to be the better fastness.....hope this is of help

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