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Cardboard Air Fresheners

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  • Cardboard Air Fresheners

    I like to make air fresheners out of cardboard.

    I shred coardboard into tiny thin pieces, fill blender half full and add 2 cups of water. I then pulverize it.

    Then place a cookie cutter (I like the heart shapes) on wax paper, and press the pulp into the cutter. Soak up water that seeps out with a sponge, press sponge on tops, add more pulp, press, pulp, press until pulp has been packed into the cutter well.

    gently remove cutter, then do another.

    Place wax paper on cookie sheets, pop into oven at 175 degrees, leave until pulp is dry.

    do not place cutter in the oven.

    Once dry, spritz some perfume or other type frgrance on top of the shape (I use 1/4 teaspoon FO). Place these under a car seat to scent a car, or in closets, on windowsills etc.

    The cardboard holds fragrance very well, and releases it slowly. They usually scent for several months, to refresh scent, just add more fragrance in 2 or 3 months.
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    Nice idea! Do you mind if I try it - if I ever get the opportunity?



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      Really Kool Idea!!!!!
      Shabby Neesey


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        this will be great for my boys and myself to make together and they will e able to give them to family as pressies
        while i knit i think


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          air fresheners out of cardboard
          How did this idea get into your mind?
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            What a brilliant idea!! It would be really nice if we could have a designated spot where we could put top tips & quick projects etc

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              Think this is a great idea, Havn't tried anything like this before but do you know if you put say red food colouring into the pulp mixture would it work.????

              Our local school is trying to obtain a green flag (given to school to promote enviromently friendly schools) they are doing crafts from recycled materials any more ideas????


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                thats a great idea and one I would like to try myself!

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                  Ok, I know this is quite an old thread, but I would just like to say this sounds a great idea!