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  • Recycle Electronic Parts

    A lot of people throw away old TVs, VCR,s, DVD players, radios etc. Electronics have a lot of parts that can be recycled into beautiful jewelry and embellishments.

    Grab a screwdriver and take the tossed electronic apart and you'll find all kinds of small pieces that can be soldered for jewelry, or glued into scrapbook pages and on homemade journals for "futuristic" themes.

    One thing I like to do is take the ribbons off computer motherboards, punch holes down the sides using a hole puncher, and crochet a lovely edging with beads and buttons crocheted in random areas around the edging. This makes beautiful bracelets, bookmarks (if flat beads are used or none at all) and groovy anklets if the ribbon has vibrant and bright coloros.

    I also love to use the lil glass and plastic pieces off the boards to make mini M&M's and candies for my dollhouse.
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    Cool - I scavenge the keys off old keyboards that my hubby throws away but I've not thought to use the insides. Pity we've just go rid of the old ones to the tip!
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      I've been thinking of making some geeky charm braclets out of that sort of thing, you find lots of computer bits at boot sales. I've also got a broken vcr at home I could break up.

      The owls made me do it.


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        Swirly I use keyboard keys to make messages for scrapbooks. I pop them off, use a soldering iron to cut the ridge off so they are almost flat, then put them between wax paper and iron on highest setting to flatten them more.

        You have to be careful so that the numbers do not melt off, but once you get the hang of it you have flat odd shaped black tiles for cards, scrapbooks and embellishments by dirring a hole in it. Brads can fit them, or you can thread ribbon through the holes.

        The ones I accidently melt the numbers off, I just paint pretty shapes and then seal.

        Two Hoots, the heads in your VCR are perfect for making paper weights. I did that once with a VCR my mom tossed. They are heavy enough to be perfect for weights. Just cover with polymer clay, and watch the edges, they are sharp.

        One thing I have that I haven't figured out how to use yet is an old stove. I want to use the metal for yard art, but so far have not found the right tool to cut it into the shapes I want. I want to make a rooster to stand in the yard, and also some flower pot holders that will stand up in the yard.
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          You're not Bender out of Futurama are you?


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            Ta for the vcr tip ! the only thing I can think of to cut up your stove is really heavy duty metal snippers but get some big gloves or even gauntlets to protect your arms and safety googles !! we don't want any injuries !!


            The owls made me do it.


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              Hmmm.., I never thought of that. I have just 2 VCR, 4 Keyboards and 2 MB needed to be tossed out. Looks like i will have some extra work this weekend.

              Thanks for the tip guys...
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                people throw away old TVs, VCR,s, DVD
                Do they utilize this stuff somehow?
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                  you can try this computer recycling in Houston

                  Electronic waste recycle


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                    Thanks for kind information. It's so help me because I tried before but I can't it.


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                      Wow very informative, thanks for the info!
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                        Important info!

                        Fiddling with electrical parts in TVs and computer monitors is really dangerous, parts can hold their charge for years and years unplugged so get someone who knows what they are doing to help you! Don't want any injuries for the sake of recycling people!

                        However get an old tv set and have the electronics and screen removed and you have a sweet little bookcase

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                          I second that, a microwave will hold a charge of around 500 volts. I should learn how to discharge before atempting any work.
                          I used to work on microwave's and the spark when discharched, well that can ad to one very nasty burn.


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                            People have been killed taking electrical items apart. They are already recycled in industry so they aren't wasted, as are most itmes taken to a reputable waste company. They are often illegally recycled by sending them abroad as old but working items. To dismantle electrical and electronic items you need a licence and a person who has the relevant qualifications (COTC holder).

                            I do use small watch parts in my steam punk cards. These can be purchased quite cheaply as new parts or old stock.


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                              Just reading this thread and it reminded me of an argument I had a while ago with one of those people who exemplifies how dangerous a little knowledge can be.

                              I started my recycling quest (still more read about than done) a couple of years ago and found a site and a book on recycling that both included electronic equipment. I was a bit surprised, dad worked in electronic stuff for many years and I was aware of the very real danger inherent in disassembling it.

                              I discussed the whole recycling thing it to a colleague who seemed very interested. He came in a couple of weeks later saying that he had taken apart a microwave and a computer and 'hadn't died - ha ah'. He had made some pretty nice jewellery, so I complimented him and repeated my worries.

                              He ignored me apparently. The burn on his arm was quite large and really deep, a full on 3rd degree burn, and it got infected. He was warned he may need a skin graft, fortunately that did not have to happen. To my horror he continues to take apart electronic gadgets, seemingly in a quest to prove he can beat the machine!!! And yes, he has been zapped on more than one occasion since. He calls it a 'occupational hazard'. The man is utterly bonkers.

                              Unfortunately the COTC is a very long, involved course - Level 4, so at foundation degree level. There used to be a smaller cert, an NVQ I think, that covered safe dismantling and disposal, but that went about 5 years ago. I don't think you can get just the technical competence element now, but if anyone know different I'd like to know. I could tell my bonkers friend and sign him up!

                              Anyway - be warned. The hazards identified here are not just theoretical!
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