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  • What am I looking for?


    Just thought I'd post a quick one on here while I struggle along with google, you lot are usually pretty good :-)

    If I was to look for a company which make items from recycled plastic, what would I do a search for? Say I wanted to start producing recycled plantpots, what is the type of industry called that I'd be looking for?

    And likewise if I wanted to make them out of paper or wood pulp?

    I'm getting plenty of results for places who sell these items, but without the specific name of each industry I can't seem to find places who can actually make them to spec.


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    I think what you are looking for is 'contract manufacturer/manufacturing. I've had some difficulty trying to find exactly what you want, but I have found this - (stick www at the beginning)appears to be a database of contract manufacturers that may be able to help you. They are all based in the UK. Each company gives a brief summary of what they do, their address, telephone number, website and email address. I suggest you fire some emails out to see if anyone can help.

    Good luck!


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      When I can't find something......I put in my search word, often into google images as I find that quicker to filter through the rubbish thrown up. When I find something close I go to it's website and see what words they are using. I put those words into the search box and start again. Sometimes you have to do it 3 or 4 times.

      An in the real world ploy is to find a finished product in a shop and take a magnifying glass to the label or the packaging. There are often clues to follow up. Like getting the name of their wholesaler or the maker and googling that. Sometimes their websites are very chatty and they reveal who made the things.

      And sometimes it's much quicker to throw a question out on a forum. On other forums I just ask does anyone know? And someone pops up with an answer. (It might work on this forum ).