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  • Buttons

    Hi ALL,

    Just wondering where people buy their buttons from???

    Thanks x

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    Hi I like many others make my own



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      Usually I buy them in a store that sells supplies for seamstresses,but I`m sure you can find them on etsy as well.
      The really nice ones are not cheap though.


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        i go through the charity shops and use an online company in USA called Buttons Galore... they are very good
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          I buy then from charity shops, I recylce them off my clothes and people do the same for me.

          I also buy some from hongkong but the eldery lady i used to buy from she made wooden button from recylced wood she got from a cabinet maker but I got a very sad email about june time from her son to say she'd past away so no more special wooden buttons.

          I do buy some from the local haberdasry and we did have a lovely shop that sold all sorts of great things where lovely buttons were extremely cheap but when the local council decided to regenrate the bit they had a their huge shop in they never returned.
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            I tend to go through my collection first to see if I can use what I have (I always harvest old buttons from clothes), then I would go and have a sort through the charity shops, last resort go to the fabric shop, but that works out expensive!

            LOVE the handmade buttons, not something i've tried before but would love to have a go!
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              Stop with the buttons!

              I have a thing about them. I have just finished cutting lots off some clothes and lovingly shoving them into a pot... where they can stay and hide themselves safely for the next 20 years.... just like the ones at the bottom of the pot, from my Nana, so probably more like 60 years old!

              Somehow I don't use the buttons I love the most.... I just hoard, sorry, save them
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                I'd never thought of harvesting buttons from old clothes, thanks for the tip


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                  Originally posted by StefC View Post
                  Somehow I don't use the buttons I love the most.... I just hoard, sorry, save them
                  You should use your treasured buttons on something for you!
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                    I love buttons I also buy them from charity shops and save them from old clothes my local carboot sale usually has them and I have found some unusual ones at vintage fairs. I often knit or sew items so I can use a particular button.
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                      Hi I have an array of vintage buttons that I have got from a local junk shop, charity shop and car boots. I also salvage them from old clothes and sites like freecycle and gumtree.


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                        I make buttons in wood if you need some huge ones, 4" 5" and upwards.


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                          Charity shops mostly, and Friends will also keep them for me.

                          A good tip for the cheap charity shops is to look at the clothing with lots of buttons on them - if they are lovely big buttons which will go with a current project (or you can visualise them being perfect for a project you haven't even thought up yet) and if this top is in the bargain bucket for 50p - buy the top just for the buttons!! I've done that a few times. Also done this for nice long zips which would cost me a few quid in the craft shops. or for smaller crafting things such as Degu/Rat Hammocks or tubes and i see a top in funky colours that I like I will often buy for the fabric to chop up and re-create as something new
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                            Apart from recycling from old clothes, ebay is a great source, especially the ones from china.



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                              I`m going somewhere they have a few million for sale in the basement of a warehouse. Going to be in my element. Can`t wait.
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