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  • HELP please - Upcycling Information

    Hi my name is Jake Ewing, a student a Teesside University studying Product Design. I would like to ask for just 10 - 15 minutes of your time for some help.

    I am writing to you all just for any help you may be able to provide on the topic of upcycling, in order to help me with my dissertation.

    I would really like to hear all your opinions and ideas and views on the topic and if you could answer the questions that would be fantastic.
    Why Upcycle?
    Why do you do it?
    What do you gain from the activity?

    Could you possible add any information to any of these sub titles
    Higher form of recycling
    Unique 1 off show piece
    Its a life style
    Trendy to do

    Thank you so much for taking some time to read this.
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    I like to up cycle beacause I like the challenge of creatin something great from something that has seen better days. I also hate to throw things away that still have life in them.

    I gain the satisfaction of keeping something out of the dump and making something pretty with little financial outlay.

    I think it is a more productive way to recycle as it uses less energy and is more sustainble.

    You should check out Project Restyle on Flickr to see the vast ways people are upcycling it may be a useful tool for your project.

    Nicolette xo


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      It's a good way to "rescue" things that would otherwise be thrown away. For instance, take a piece of clothing with a broken zip - now useless as clothing, but I can cut off the useful parts of the fabric and cover a handmade journal with it. Then I can sell that journal and make a profit without having had to pay out much for materials. Not only am I saving money on materials, and stopping something from going to the landfill unnecessarily, but I can also add the word "upcycled" to the product description as a selling point.
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        I buy from charity shops - that makes me feel good as I'm hoping I'm doing a tiny bit of good somewhere. I turn the thing into something else - exercises my creativity, I enjoy my work, it's more like fun. Then I sell it - that's my food on the table, and my family's and the morgage and the petrol and... And the customer says "That's just the job. I haven't found anything like that anywhere else." and goes away smiling.


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          Why Upcycle? I love to make something new from an item that someone was going to throw away.

          Why do you do it? I have a friend who works at a charity shop, and they cannot sell stained or torn clothing, decorated clothing if some of the decoration has come off, jewellery if it is broken etc. So she collects thing up and passes them on to me. Although I will buy items if necessary I rarely need to at the moment. So this works out cheaply for me. And my friend gets things I make for her in return for her looking out for me.

          What do you gain from the activity? Immense satisfaction. I love to make something from an item that had a different origin, even if that origin was not so far away from its use now. A pretty thing is a pretty thing.....

          Higher form of recycling. This article says it better than I can.

          Unique 1 off show piece. I've sold items from my shop that have been made as a one off (as I'm sure many have done) and that have been made with fabric from a skirt (now used as a headband base), with feathers from an old hat, jewellery taken apart and reused or used as is, and beaded coasters painted with glass paints as used as medallion bases for the feathers. I won't be the only one that creates one offs. It's one of life's pleasures when one crafts......

          Its a life style. I guess it is. As said before, I love the creative process of making something new from discarded things.

          Trendy to do. Ah, well, for me I've always done it, I'm just catching on to the fact that there's something there to use as marketing fodder......
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            Why Upcycle? It is creative and fun and there is a certain smug delight/sense of pride in seeing something in rubbuish that others have missed.

            Why do it? It started as a form of relaxation and as a creative outlet, plus an excuse for continuing to collect and stash stuff - all sorts of stuff.

            Why do it? Again a creative and relaxing outlet. A possible extra revenue stream eventually. And I like the frugality of it.

            Higher form.... much as blackwillow said, that link is just about it!

            Unique 1 off - Oh dear! So many in my head and planned on paper..... too many unmade, so little time!

            It will become more of a lifestyle choice as I wean myself off being a workaholic and interminable planner.

            Trendy?? Well if so I have been on trend for about 36 years! That the rest of the world is now catching up may be a worry!!
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              Unique one off show piece-
              Every object that is available and isn't natural, is designed. From bins and screws to umbrellas and picture frames to cars and paperclips. All these items have their own unique aesthetic, and viewed objectively without an application in mind, a new reason for their existence can often be seen. I have seen bins turned in to fire pits, speaker stands and musical instruments, umbrellas used to make bags, purses, juggling balls and poi, a mini cooper car used to make a desk and paperclips used to make earrings and a whole range of other fiddly little things. The point is, aesthetics and form are not confined to one single use, and the fact that something can be used as something else totally different has it's own unique appeal. Seeing a lamp-shade made from ring-pulls, one might think the design pleasing enough, but upon noticing the material from which it is composed, the pleasure is doubled! Up-cycling is creative, environmentally sound, pleasing to the eye, interesting and a good conversation starter. Also second hand/broken/unwanted things are usually cheap/free for the designer to obtain. Win win win.
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                I up cycle so that I can be creative for low cost.
                It benefits me, as I can use materials cheaply and know that I am helping by not being wasteful to the environment.
                It also has become trendy to do.


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                  There's that sense of satisfaction with one off pieces that you don't get when you see a rail full of the same.
                  It might sound a bit naff, but it's like there's a higher sense of purpose to buy or wear the product.


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