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Halloween mask?

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  • Halloween mask?

    How to make one out of this - it's so perf!

    z.jpg (I put it in the vine on the front porch.)

    It's the carrying handle for three huge bottles of juice. It's the perfect skeleton

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    Could you paper machier over it? (sorry about the spelling!)


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      That certainly has possibilities, but I still can't figure out how to make it "wearable." How to make it stay on your face/head.


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        Okay...what if I hand sew it on to some gauze - enough to drape over someone's head...maybe using black embroidery floss like stitching on a frankenstein it on where the person's face would be...then I could cut out the cloth where the eyes are, and fold those edges under and maybe stitch it under so there's a nice softfinish on the inside...and just leave it at that? BUT...the whole thing will be "front heavy" and slide forward....soooo.....?????

        Wait, it probably wouldn't hang right...what if I stitched it to gauze, and stitched all that to a black Halloween visor so it hung down in front of their face....hmmmm.....put it on a stick to hold in front of the face and forget about it?? Er wait...I could put white or orange ruching (??) around the entire outer edge...what am I trying to say - a sort of not too ruffly ruffle....and have it on a stick to hold up to the face....I hate to throw this thing away, it looks so useful!!!
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          You could cut out two shapes out of card that go over the ears. A bit like the arms of the cardboard 3D glasses that you get. If the plastic is soft you may be able to staple them to the eye bits or just glue them in place. Make sure that you model it on whoever is wearing it so that you get them level and they can see through the eye holes.
          Or you could tie elastic to the uprights under the eye holes to go right around the head.
          Just a couple of ideas that may get you thinking.
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            I'm liking the idea of the ear pieces...going to be mulling that over....thanks!!


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              hmmm this is a good one! i would defo break out the paper mache and go to town!!! it would be very fun to do as well!

              to attach it to the face, once dry you could punch holes in the sides and attach elastic, this would make it very cool!

              good luck with this project, i wish i was doing it! ha ha ha!



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                After some discussion with my husband, I'm just going to make it into a yard sign - it will be the face, of course, and the body will be out of pvc pipe scraps we have lying around. Hopefully I will get it done before Halloween!! I envision making it so the head wobbles and I want to put styrofoam eyeballs in it that are bloodshot....